Our Mission

To support the college’s mission and commitment to student learning and success by providing quality, accessible, reliable, and relevant information to facilitate decision-making and planning processes, enhance institutional effectiveness, and promote a culture of evidence-based inquiry.


Core Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and education in the acquisition and use of evidence.
  • Provide leadership in planning and assessment to administrative units, instructional programs, and departments.
  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of college data and reporting.
  • Conduct original research and evaluations, including student and employee surveys, program assessments, and student outcomes evaluations, among others.
  • Act as an information “clearinghouse” for the coordination of research on campus.
  • Submit state and federally mandated reports.


Whom We Serve

We support the institution at all levels and its various stakeholders both within and outside of the college. We strive to maintain neutrality and base our work and recommendations solely on evidence and not the interests of any one area of the college over another.


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The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges publishes many reports on WWCC and the CTC system.

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