As part of the Humanities Division, the Art Department shares the mission of the other performing and fine arts: to inspire students to discover their potential and to achieve their goals in speech communications, fine arts, drama, and music by providing a wide variety of guided presentation and performance opportunities, a nurturing and challenging atmosphere, and challenging standards of instruction aimed especially for small groups and individuals.

Program Outcomes

  • Employ an increasing range of rudimentary acting skills including the ability to create characters convincing and project one's self believably in word and action into imaginary circumstances.
  • Demonstrate increasing creativity in outward verbal and non-verbal expression.
  • Develop and display a continuing respect for the differing talents and abilities of other artists/performers.
  • Apply standard terminology of the acting profession.
  • Demonstrate application of a given "tools/materials" used in the production of a live performance.
  • Exhibit the people skills necessary for effective ensemble work (teamwork) to occur.