COSM-111: Principles and Procedures of Cosmetology I, Credits = 1 - 11
Introduction and overview of all aspects of cosmetology. Topics include bacteriology, sanitation, sterilization, draping, basic haircuts and trimming, shampoos, rinses, finger waves, pin curls, rollers, manicuring, facials, movements, permanent waves and hair color. Emphasizes safety and first aid in all instruction. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

COSM-112: Practical Application I, Credits = 1 - 11
Introduction to the basic services of cosmetology. Practice in basic shampoos, rinses, haircuts, trimming, finger wave, roller, pin curl, manicuring, basic permanent wave, four different types of perms, introduction to color, and safety/sanitation. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

COSM-121: Principles and Procedures of Cosmetology II, Credits = 1 - 11
Introduction to basic services of cosmetology. Topics include introduction to hair coloring and lightening, scalp treatments and hair analysis, diseases and disorders of skin and scalp, skin care, trimming of facial hair (including beard and mustache, eyebrow, ear and nose hair trim), dry styling, and first aid. Emphasizes safety and sanitation measures in all instruction. Prerequisite: COSM 111.

COSM-122: Practical Application II, Credits = 1 - 11
Continued practice in basic cosmetology skills on mannequins and models. Topics include hair color, lash and brow tint, bleaching, scalp treatments, thermal styling, skin care (facials), dry styling, permanent waving, temporary removal of superfluous hair, razor cutting, safety, and review. After reaching Level 2 in services and Level 3 in safety/sanitation, the student may begin basic operations under close supervision of an instructor in the lab area provided for patrons. Prerequisite: COSM 112.

COSM-131: Intermediate Principles and Procedures I, Credits = 1 - 11
Intermediate instruction in hair coloring (dimensional), nail diseases/disorders, nail repair, styling aids, safety and sanitation, hair lightening and bleaching, blow drying, chemical relaxing, with an emphasis on safety and sanitation to be included in all instruction. Prerequisite: COSM 121.

COSM-132: Practical Application III, Credits = 1 - 11
Continued work to complete the required levels of performance, hour and quarter requirements, and safety/sanitation measures. Prerequisite: COSM 122.

COSM-199: Special Topics, Credits = 1 - 10
Study and train to meet established local needs in the cosmetology industry, supplemental to courses currently offered. Prerequisite: Instructor permission

COSM-241: Intermediate Principles and Procedures II, Credits = 1 - 11
In-depth study of the hair structure, diseases and disorders, skin care compresses, safety, bones, nerves and muscles of face and scalp, pedicures, and exam review book. Prerequisite: COSM 131.

COSM-242: Practical Application IV, Credits = 1 - 11
Continue to work in the program to complete five regular quarters, one summer quarter, and job performances safely at Level III and Level IV as required by WWCC. Prerequisite: COSM 132.

COSM-251: Advanced Principles and Procedures I, Credits = 1 - 11
Advanced work in the cosmetology program. Topics include skin care -including disease & disorders, artificial hair, chemical relaxing, hair pressing, safety, superfluous hair removal, pH value - the basic chemistry, and complete review, including safety and sanitation. Prerequisite: COSM 241.

COSM-252: Practical Application V, Credits = 1 - 11
Continue to independently and safely practice cosmetology methods at level IV. This course is designed to allow students complete the remainder of the degree requirement of 1600 hours and five quarters plus one summer quarter, as required by state law and WWCC respectively. Prerequisite: COSM 242.

COSM-270: Practical Application VI, Credits = 1 - 11
Work in the clinic area to complete the required number of hours and levels of services, safety, sanitation, and skills as required by state law and WWCC. Prerequisite: COSM 252.

COSM-281: Cadet Instructor Training, Credits = 1 - 20
Training in management and laboratory supervision covering the application of teaching techniques in practical classroom and laboratory services, dispensary inventory and maintenance, and reception area management. Emphasis on sanitation of tools, equipment, and work areas as well as safe practices in storage, mixing, and use of chemicals. Must have a minimum two years of successful work experience and hold a current Cosmetology License in the State of Washington. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

COSM-297: Special Projects, Credits = 1 - 18
Project-oriented experiences in the area or applications not covered in the standard cosmetology curriculum. Prerequisite: Instructor permission, based on evaluation of student's education and work experience.

COSM-299: Leadership and Job Seeking Skills, Credits = 4
Encourage students to develop awareness of their leadership potential and abilities through small group discussions and assumption of leadership roles and responsibilities. Students will gain knowledge and skills needed to be effective, successful job applicants within the Cosmetology and Barbering industries. Students will acquire information, experience diverse points of view, construct knowledge and practice a variety of interpersonal and social skills, such as communicating, goal-setting, decision-making, team-building, conflict resolution, and managing stress.