Academic Transfer Education

Transfer students, by earning an Associate in Arts Degree, can satisfy general university requirements normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years. Earning the Associate in Arts Degree will guarantee transfer students junior standing at all public and most private baccalaureate institutions in Washington State. The Associate in Science Degree will serve those students intending to complete the required course work for pre-professional programs at selected baccalaureate institutions.

Academic Transfer Information Associate in Arts Degree
Associate in Science Transfer Degree Option I
Associate in Science Transfer Degree Option II

Academic & Professional Technical Degrees

Department Title (click for details) AAAS AA/AS Certificate Endorsement Course Listing
Accounting TechnologyAAAS Certificate View Courses
Adult Basic Education    View Courses
Adult Basic Education / GED ®    View Courses
Adult Basic Education/ELA    View Courses
Agriculture - Ag-BusinessAAASAA  AA-DTA  AAS-T  AAS-T  AAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Agriculture - Animal ScienceAAASAA-DTA  AAS-T  AAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Agriculture - Plant and Soil ScienceAAASAA-DTA  AA-DTA  AA-DTA  AA-DTA  AA-DTA  AA  AA  AA  AAS-T  AAS-T  AAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Agriculture - Precision AgricultureAAAS   View Courses
Allied Health and Safety Education  CertificateEndorsementView Courses
American Sign Language    View Courses
Anthropology    View Courses
Art    View Courses
Astronomy    View Courses
Automotive Repair TechnologyAAASAA  Certificate View Courses
Biological Sciences    View Courses
Business AdministrationAAASAA-DTA  Certificate View Courses
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)    View Courses
Career and Academic Preparation    View Courses
CarpentryAAAS Certificate View Courses
Chemistry    View Courses
College Experience    View Courses
Collision Repair TechnologyAAAS Certificate View Courses
Commercial Truck Driving  Certificate View Courses
Communication Studies    View Courses
Computer ScienceAAAS Certificate View Courses
CosmetologyAAAS Certificate View Courses
Criminal Justice AA-DTA    AAS-T    View Courses
Culinary ArtsAAAS   View Courses
Dance    View Courses
Diesel TechnologyAAAS Certificate View Courses
Drama    View Courses
Early Childhood EducationAAASAAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Early Childhood Parenting Education   EndorsementView Courses
Earth Sciences AAS-T    View Courses
Economics    View Courses
Education AA-DTA  AA-DTA    View Courses
Energy - Electrical    View Courses
Energy - HVACAAAS Certificate View Courses
Energy - Industrial Maintenance    View Courses
Energy - Plant OperationsAAASAAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Energy - Plant Operations - Mechanic    View Courses
Energy - WindAAAS   View Courses
Energy Systems TechnologyAAAS  Certificate View Courses
Engineering Technology  Certificate View Courses
Engineering Transfer   AA-DTA    View Courses
English    View Courses
Enology and ViticultureAAASAAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences AAS-T    View Courses
Environmental Studies    View Courses
Farrier ScienceAAAS Certificate View Courses
Fire ScienceAAAS Certificate View Courses
Forestry AAS-T    View Courses
French    View Courses
Gender and Women's Studies    View Courses
Geography    View Courses
Geology    View Courses
Health Science Education    View Courses
High School Completion    View Courses
History    View Courses
Honors    View Courses
Human & Social Services AAS  AAS-T    View Courses
Humanities    View Courses
Industrial First Aid    View Courses
John Deere TechnologyAAAS   View Courses
Mathematics    View Courses
Medical Assisting  Certificate View Courses
Music    View Courses
Nursing Education ADN  AAS-T  AA-DTA  Certificate View Courses
Nutrition    View Courses
Occupational Support    View Courses
Oceanography    View Courses
Office Technology    View Courses
Outdoor Power EquipmentAAAS CertificateEndorsementView Courses
Philosophy    View Courses
Physical Education and Recreation    View Courses
Physics    View Courses
Political Science    View Courses
Precision Machining Technology    View Courses
Professional Golf Management    View Courses
Psychology    View Courses
Reading    View Courses
Sociology    View Courses
Spanish    View Courses
Turf ManagementAAASAA-DTA  AAS-T  Certificate View Courses
Watershed ManagementAAAS   View Courses
Welding TechnologyAAAS Certificate View Courses
Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Science AAS-T    View Courses
Writing    View Courses
WTM - Irrigation TechnologyAAAS Certificate View Courses
WTM - Water Resources ManagementAAAS   View Courses