Coop Executive Board

Each Preschool Co-op elects an Executive Board each year to act as an advisory group and governing board to the preschool that handles the business aspects of a Parent Cooperative Preschool. Duties on the Board are dictated by the Preschool Bylaws. Participation as an elected member of the Board allows parents to gain skills in leadership and business. The Executive Board meets for 30 minutes before every monthly parent education meeting.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”
—Jack Welch




Executive Board Positions


The President is responsible for coordinating and supervising all business activities and details that are necessary for the operation of the preschool. The President’s duties in presiding at all Executive and Parent meetings, appointing and monitoring committees as necessary, cosigning all checks with the Treasurer, arranging for a substitute for the preschool teacher, attending necessary meetings and workshops related to the operations of the cooperative preschool.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for filling in when the President is unable to attend meetings and shares the responsibilities and duties of the President.


The Secretary is responsible for maintain Minutes from all Executive and Parent meetings, files and answers correspondence for the coop preschool, and taking attendance at meetings alerting the Board of any reoccurring absences.


The Treasurer is the caretaker of the preschool fund and is accountable to the cooperative preschool membership. The primary duties of the treasurer are handling and documentation of all preschool funds, transactions, recordkeeping, and serving on the Executive Board.


The Membership Representative must be very familiar with the value of the cooperative experience and the policies of the preschool. The representative is focused and interested in the families/members concerns and able to understand other’s viewpoints on current topics and issues. 




Officer Elections & Training


The current year Executive Board nominates and elects officers for the following year based upon enrollment, experience, and interest. Elections typically occur in April or May for the next school year. 


Officer Training is offered at the beginning of the school year begins and lasts approximately 2 hours. The goal of officer training is to provide matierals, experience, and knowledge from the previous Boards, Parent Educators, Teachers, and ECPE Administrative staff for the incoming officers to effectively and efficiently serve our various Cooperative Preschools.


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