Parent Participation

The Parent Cooperative Preschools follow the cooperative parent education program offered through Walla Walla Community College.  The purpose of participation is to provide parents with current parenting research and techniques, opportunities to gain leadership skills, as well as providing time and experiences with your child in a nurturing environment to help you learn and grow.


  • Participation in the child’s classroom, as assigned, and providing snacks for the class (typically 1-2 times per month). If you are unable to participate in scheduled days, arrangements can be made with other parents to trade or substitute. *
  • One parent must attend and participate in the monthly parent education meetings. Meetings include parenting topic discussions and collaborations, child development, and the coop’s business agenda. *
  • Members must serve as an officer on the Coop Executive Board throughout the year, or as a committee member (average time of 2-4 hours per month). *
  • Attend mandatory safety orientation.
  • Submit all required forms and documents for proper enrollment and registration.
  • Submit all payments and fees in a timely manner.

Please note: *One or both parenting may participate in the above indicated activities.

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