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Samantha Bowen
Director of Early Childhood and Parenting Education Programs
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Dawn Carrara
Program Assistant of Early Childhood and Parenting Education Programs
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Doretha Frederickson
Parent Educator (Tot Spot)



Andrea Unck
Parent Educator (College Place)


Jen Stone
Parent Educator (Walla Walla)


Laurie Withers
Parent Educator (Waitsburg) 





Heather Babbit
Preschool Teacher (Tot Spot)

BJ Cannon
Preschool Teacher (Pomeroy)



Valerie Neuschwander
Preschool Teacher (WWCC- MWF & TTH)

Cassie Brown
Preschool Teacher (College Place)


Whether digging in the dirt with her son, backpacking in the Olympics with friends, dancing to music, or picking sweet blackberries with her husband on an early August morning, Rebecca has always believed that learning through doing, using all of our senses, making connections, being curious, and exploring are all at the heart of meaningful education.  As a teacher, this philosophy has led her down many paths, from teaching outdoor environmental education, yoga, creative movement, early childhood education, and expeditionary learning – to integrating these into her 10+ years of teaching elementary school at public alternative schools in Washington and New York.  Through the Parent Child Center, Rebecca hopes to bring her experiences, joy, and love of teaching to her parent toddler classes and the WWCC community.

“The best thing about teaching is making connections with children and families.”

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

Rebecca Rutzick
Toddler Teacher (Wednesday & Thursday)
Adjunct Faculty

Andrea Unck is a Walla Walla native who enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends.  Her interests include gardening, landscape design, walking/hiking, and crafting.  Andrea was raised on a wheat farm and still resides on the family farm where she dabbles in chicken farming and tending a vegetable garden.  Nature has always inspired Andrea.  In the past decade she has studied the profound influence that nature (or lack thereof) has on a child’s development.  She has always believed that learning and development are enhanced when nature’s elements are at play.  She has the dream of one day creating a large community garden that invites children to come and experience the wonders of nurturing a garden.

“The best thing about teaching is experiencing the many ways children can amaze you.”

“Children are miracles.  Believing that every childis a miracle can transform the way we design for children’s care. When we invite a miracle into our lives, we prepare ourselves and the environment around us.  We may set out flowers or special offerings. We may cleanse ourselves, the space, or our thoughts of everything but the love inside us.  We make it our job to create, with reverence and gratitude, a space that is worthy of a miracle! Action follows thought.  We can choose to change. We can choose to design spaces for miracles, not minimums.”  - Anita Rui Olds, 1999

Andrea Unck
Toddler Teacher (Monday & Friday)
Adjunct Faculty


Cara Watts
Preschool Teacher (Waitsburg)