Walla Walla Valley Wine Cluster Economic Development Project

Walla Walla IPZ Partnership Team


Partnership Team Member

Background Information

Mark Anderson

Owner, Walla Walla Foundry and Foundry Vineyards

Myles Anderson

Co-owner, Walla Walla Vintners; retired Founding Director of the WWCC Institute of Enology & Viticulture

Gordon Burns

Founder and President, ETS Labs, St. Helena, California

Kjell Christopherson 

President and Senior Economist, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI)

Bill Clemens

Regional Community Manager, Pacific Power, Walla Walla

Michael Davidson

President and CEO, Tourism Walla Walla

Jennie Dickinson

Manager, Port of Columbia, Columbia County

Paul Gerola

Economic Development Director, Port of Walla Walla

Jim Kuntz

Executive Director, Port of Walla Walla

Gregg Loney

Member, Walla Walla County Commissioners

Tim McCarty

Walla Walla IPZ Administrator and Director of Support Services, City of Walla Walla

Mick Miller

Superintendent, Walla Walla Public Schools

Bart Nelson

President and Chairman of the Board, Nelson Irrigation Corporation, Walla Walla

Tom O'Brien

Director, Eastern Washington Partnership, Workforce Development Council

Eric Quaempts

Director, Department of Natural Resources, Confedererated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Mark Riess

Chief Executive Officer, Unibest International LLC, Walla Walla

M. Henry Robison

Founder and Chief Economist, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI), Moscow, Idaho

Nabiel Shawa

City Manager, Walla Walla

Steve VanAusdle

President, Walla Walla Community College; leader of IPZ Partnership Team

Nicholas Velluzzi

Director of Institutional Planning and Assessment, Walla Walla Community College; Research Director for 2007 and 2011Walla Walla Wine Cluster Regional Economic Development Projects

Jennie Weber

Eastern Washington Partnership/WorkSource Area Director, Walla Walla

Duane Wollmuth

Executive Director, Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance and Co-owner, Biscuit Ridge Vineyard

David Woolson

President & CEO, Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce