Innovative Processes

Walla Walla Community College:

(Posted for the Aspen Institute Visit September 26 & 27, 2011)

Degree Completion Initiatives

   Degree Estimator Appliance
  • Please see the Degree Estimation Appliance on this page:
   Degree Boost 
  • Retention & Completion. 
    This initiative uses the Degree Estimation Appliance data to identify students who are close to a degree and still attending our (your) college. By using the Degree Estimation data an advisor can identify all students who are close to any degree. This is not easily doable with a Degree Audit system. With this list in hand the advisor contacts the students who are close to a degree and makes a plan designed to get the student to finish the degree. The personal contact and specific plan makes a difference in retaining the student to completion and completing on time. Our experience is that about 40% of students contacted respond and of those almost 100% to complete on time.
  • Transfer & Completion.
    This initiative is planned. It may prove to be ineffective due to problems contacting former students and getting them to transfer in credits earned after they left Walla Walla Community College. There are several categories students fit into when they leave Walla Walla Community College without a degree. Some only wanted to take a year of courses and transfer to a 4 year college. Many are very successful in obtaining their degree at the 4 year college and had no intent to earn a 2 year degree at Walla Walla Community College. Some transferred out and didn?t complete a degree at a 4 year college but their credits earned there might get them close to a 2 year degree at Walla Walla Community College if they were transferred back and put on the student?s transcript. These are the students most likely to benefit from this effort and improve our completions at the same time. We don?t have access to other college?s student data so we can?t currently mine that data to increase completions at Walla Walla Community College. We have to rely on contacting individual students.
  • Recovery & Completion.
    This initiative has been used at Walla Walla Community College. It involves using the Degree Estimation Appliance data. Students that are close to a degree but have quit attending Walla Walla Community College are contacted, told how close they are to a degree and encouraged to visit with an advisor. The results are quite good. Of those that can be reached about 50% respond and make a plan to complete. We currently don?t have data on how successful those students are at completing.
   Auto Confer 
   ADP uses
  • Please see the ADP and ADP PRO links on this page:
    The data from the Degree Estimation Appliance is exposed to advisors in Walla Walla Community College?s ADP (Advisor Data Portal) and ADP PRO. When an advisor pulls up a student record they see the Degree Estimation data for that student sorted from highest proximity to lowest. This allows an advisor to show the student what degree or certificate they are closest to achieving. The student often has no idea they could earn a 1 year certificate as a stepping stone to a 2 year degree. Their declared degree/major may also may be miscoded. This will catch that and allow it to be changed in the SMS system. Sometimes a student is considering dropping out and when shown how close they are to a degree they will finish it.
   MyWWCC Uses. Student portal
  • MyWWCC is the Walla Walla Community College student portal. We have future plans to expose the Degree Estimation data in the MyWWCC portal for students so see. We believe showing students this and other SAI (Student Achievement Initiative) data will increase their awareness of and attainment of degrees and progression to college level Math and English courses.