This department offers a wide variety of training in health and safety topics for health and social service professionals and the general public.

Basic training and continuing education components are provided for pre-hospital providers such a First Responders and EMT's (Emergency Medical Technician). Basic education for nursing assistants and phlebotomy technicians is also available. The department coordinates the Fire Science program following curriculum through the Washington State Fire Service Education Association, required training for flaggers, as well as CPR and First Aid classes, are available through the department and can be offered in a variety of settings including both campuses and on-site workplaces.

Continuing education courses are offered for nursing assistants, nurses, counselors, social workers, mental health professional and others. The courses are taught in appropriate time frames that range from a short hour-long class to more complex topics requiring an entire academic quarter.

Contact Information

Allied Health and Safety Education

Health Sciences Building, Office #1808

Brad Mason, Coordinator                        509.527.4579
 [email protected]

Angelica Can, Program Assistant            509.527.4589
 [email protected]