CASAS Testing

CASAS Assessment

CASAS - Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems - is the most widely used system for assessing adult basic reading, math, listening, writing, and speaking skills throughout the United States.

CASAS assessment system is used at Walla Walla Community College to help all potential students entering into adult literacy education, GEDŽ preparation, or English as a Second Language discover their proper skill placement level and is required for all students before registering into their classes. CASAS tests assess a student's skill levels needed for success in the workplace, community, and family and establishes measurable goals and learning outcomes.

  • CASAS information, content and standards 

CASAS Appraisal


The CASAS appraisal helps place the student in his/her appropriate learning level and is taken prior to registration. For more information and to make an appointment to take a CASAS appraisal, please call Rosa at 509.524.4808.

CASAS Pre- and Post Tests


After the CASAS appraisal which identifies a student's proper level placement, students also take a CASAS pre-test to assess what skill areas need strengthening. The CASAS pre-test is typically taken within the first 12 hours of instruction. ABE/GEDŽ instructors will arrange reading and math pre-testing session for their students; ESL instructors will arrange reading and listen pre-testing session for their students.

For further information or to make an appointment for CASAS pre- and post-testing, please call Rosa at 509.524.4808, or Lydia Martinez at 509.527.4646.


CASAS Competencies


CASAS assessments are part of an integrated systems approach involving, assessment, instruction and curriculum.

There are eight CASAS competencies which are embedded in the CASAS tests

  • Basic Communication
  • Community Resources
  • Consumer Economics
  • Health, Employment
  • Government and Law
  • Math
  • Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Independent Living

Instructors use these competencies to create the curriculum that guides their instruction and assessment in their ABE/GEDŽ/ESL classes. These competencies also help students achieve greater knowledge and successful interactions in their personal, community, and work lives.