Parent Cooperative Preschool Programs

Walla Walla Parent Cooperative Preschools provide parents/guardians of preschool age children with the opportunity to come together to learn parenting skills. Parents of children ages three to five years enroll in a parent education class which meets one evening per month. Parents register their child for a preschool group. Each preschool group charges tuition to cover operational costs of the group. Each parent participates in a weekly lab session with children to practice learning from parent education class.

The Parent Co-op provides a strong, developmental curriculum. Both parents and children learn best by doing. Learning requires active thinking and first-hand investigation. Parents and children ask questions and explore answers, seeing themselves as problem solvers, discoverers and inventors.

The Parent Co-op Preschool offers enriched play experiences that help children develop the skills needed for success in school and in life. Parents are the primary teachers of their children, and parent involvement in these experiences is crucial. Children attend preschool two or three days a week, and parents work in the classroom approximately once a week.

Parents are able to gather together to learn skills to build strong and healthy families during the monthly parent meetings. Parents work with the parent educator to learn about child development and behavior, family relationships, healthy habits and home management. Parents also work with the teacher and each other to attend to the business of running the preschool.

There are WWCC Cooperative Preschool programs available on campus and in several locations in the community.
Current locations and class offerings are listed below.

Current Parent Cooperative Preschool Classes


Parent Educator
College Place
9:00-12:00 pm
Andrea Unck
Cassie Brown
8:30-11:30 am
Laurie Withers
Cara Watts
8:30-11:30 am
Jen Stone
Valerie Neuschwander
8:30-11:30 am
Jen Stone
Valerie Neuschwander


Intended Learning Outcomes


  • To develop realistic age-level expectations from knowledge of childhood behavior and growth.
  • Clarify child rearing values and attitudes and to explore methods of child guidance.
  • To identify and apply safe and healthy practices in the home including: nutrition, first aid, wellness, stress management, and risk management.
  • Experience and understand the role of parent involvement in maintaining quality learning environments for children.
  • Develop skills to interact with children using developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant and anti-bias practices.
  • Access community resources, share information concerning child-rearing and family resource management.
  • Discuss information on contemporary family concerns such as child abuse prevention, divorce, illness and death.
  • Develop skills in group organization and leadership.
  • Develop and/or increase confidence in managing the demanding role of parents in a changing society.
    Strengthen family communication and relationships.


Course Topics

  • Anti-bias issues
  • Literature
  • Nutrition
  • Positive Discipline
  • Problem solving
  • Safety and health issues
  • Stress management


For information, please call 509.527.4237 or email us.

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