Cooperative Projects

Fish Screens

In March of 2001 Walla Walla Community College Water Management program was approached by the Walla Walla Conservation District and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife about performing technical services for a new grant program. The program now known as the cooperative compliance program (Fish Screens) was to replace non-compliant pump and gravity diversions screens with new compliant screens. The Water management department provides all technical expertise in the design and implementation of these new screens through interlocal agreements. The concept of self-identification and cooperative compliance was unheard of in the governmental sector but due to astounding success of this program it is now a model being followed throughout the State and Nation.




The efficiencies program is a State Department of Ecology funded program. The concept of the program is to increase on farm irrigation efficiencies by utilizing new equipment, technology and education. The increase in irrigation efficiency means less water is diverted which leaves the saved water "in stream". This "in stream" water is then protected by D.O.E. through the water trust program so the user will no face consequences for not using the water. The cost share for the project is based on the percentage of saved water left in the stream up to 85%. The Water Management program provides all technical support and working drawing to the Conservation Districts through interlocal agreements. The potential savings identified in our valley are astounding. The success of this program will be in getting the "projects on the ground" while increasing the flows in our local waterways.

Flow Meters

The flow meter program was started by D.O.E. in response to a superior court decision. That decision required D.O.E. to meter all surface diversions in the State. D.O.E. started with diversions greater than 1 CFS, but did not have a great response. D.O.E. asked the conservation district to take over the program and opened up the funding to all diverters regardless of the size. The cost share established by D.O.E. is 85%. The Water Management program has contracted with the local conservation districts to provide technical expertise in the design and installation of the flow meters.

Completed projects (.pdf)