Distance Learning

Telecourses offer you the opportunity to complete courses offered by WWCC in the comfort and convenience of your own home or at a chosen place of study. Telecourses consist of video programs, textbooks, study guides and/or lab manuals. *A licensing fee of $25.00 is required is required for each of these courses. Videotapes and audio tapes are available in the Bookstore for each of these courses for a non-refundable fee of $40 per class. To order text books or rental tapes by telephone, call the WWCC Bookstore at 509-527-3863 or 509-527-4256. 


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TURF 101 Turf Equipment Operations I
The use, operation, and maintenance of turf equipment, including mower units, top dressers, soil aerators, trimmers, and miscellaneous turf equipment are covered. Also provides a practical understanding of costing of equipment. Safety is emphasized.

TURF 102 Turf Equipment Operations II
Continuance of TURF 101, Turf Equipment Operations I. Topics include work experience placement, equipment parts, tractors, replacement schedules, purchasing and leasing equipment, sprayers, and sprayer calibration.

TURF 122 Turf Maintenance Practices
Introduction to the methods used in maintenance of sports fields, parks, school grounds, and golf courses. Prepares students for cooperative work experience and for entry into the turf industry.

TURF 201 Turf Physiology
Introduction to turf grass science. Topics include turf grass physiology, plant physiology, turf grass identification, turf grass uses, cultivars, selection of grasses, turf fertilization and fertilizer selection, water needs of the grass plant and irrigation, future trends, and waste disposal methods.

TURF 211 Turf Management
Focuses on the fundamentals of turf management, operation, and performance in areas of budgeting, supervision, and communication skills. Topics include assessment of field conditions, weather monitoring, and specialty turf management techniques.

TURF 215 Turf Diseases and Insects
Introduction to identification, study of life cycles, and control of insects and diseases common to turf. Concentrates on fundamentals of entomology and plant pathology as well as specific problems and their controls on turf.

TURF 221 Landscape Maintenance and Construction
Maintenance and construction of landscapes that include turf, flowers, shrubs, trees, fencing, and hard surfaces.

TURF 231 Pesticides Licensing
Preparation for the State of Washington pesticide licensing exam.