Daniel DeSiga

Daniel DeSiga

A Bachelor of Fine Art degree earned with high praise from the University of Washington first launched Daniel DeSiga into prominence in the Northwest. He has been consistently showing and lecturing since the mid-1970s. DeSiga's murals, graphics and oils include reflections of the worker, the bracero. The dominant work ethic of these Americans is what he aspires to present as a role model for all students and their contemporaries. Such strong visual images are recognized and shown across the country. Also varied Latino images as they influence and are influenced by mainstream America are produced by DeSiga.

Daniel DeSiga's works have appeared in such diverse institutions as the Denver Art Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Wight Art Gallery at the University of California in Los Angeles. His murals appear in Shifra Goldman's book, Walls of Fire. His paintings are published in Prentice Hallís Literature for ninth grade, and their collage textbook, Classmates Three. Other school textbooks include McDougal Littellís, The Language of Literature for 10th grade and Holt, Rinehart, and Winstonís series of literature textbooks, titled Elements of Literature for middle and high schools, grades six through twelve. DeSigaís paintings are also included in the 1998 June issue of Southwest Art among others.

DeSiga's publications also include the book cover for Culture Y Cultura: Consequences of the U. S -Mexican war, 1846-1848 published in 1998 by the Autry Museum of Western Heritage.

His collectors include Actor Lou Diamond Phillips and the National Museum of American Art/Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

 His costume designs include the striking Native American costumes for the San Antonio Festival's Production of Mozartís Magic Flute and San Antonio's Shakespeare in the Park, The Twelfth Night.

Visitors to state government offices across Washington State will see DeSiga's murals. His work has been brought into homes across the country on PBS broadcasts.

 Daniel DeSiga lives where his art first sprang forth. Originally raised in Walla Walla he now lives in Yakima Washington. His work reflects a rich and colorful heritage, enriched through formal education at the University of Washington. His varied experiences include art production, museum and gallery management, and graphic design. These experiences were carried out while living throughout the United States In the years between his early budding and his return as a flowering artist, DeSiga has grown through producing many paintings and murals.

Daniel DeSiga nourishes his Latino and Native American roots with colors and images of the Northwest and Southwest. He worked as a curator of gallery exhibits in Seattle. He now works on commissioned work out of his gallery and studio in Toppenish, Washington. DeSiga completed a 15 x 100 ft. mural for the Toppenish Mural Society. His personal enrichment and inspiration now comes from his wife Xochitl Flores.