Texts and Materials:

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students should have:


Concept/Content Quizzes                                            100 points

Discussion Board Forums/Class Participation            100 points

Argument Essay/Critical Responses                            300 points

Media Analysis Presentation                                         50 points

Group Problem Solving Project                                    75 points

Evaluation of a Written Argument                              100 points


Total                                                                            725 points


Some Notes:


I usually check my campus e-mail a few times each week. It is not the best way to contact me or submit late assignments.

During my office hours, I can be reached at 524 - 5153. At other times of day, you can leave a message at this number, but I usually only remember to check my messages once a week, so it is ALWAYSbetter to e-mail me a quick message at [email protected] 

This quarter we will be looking at Copyright infringement and Internet piracy. I have chosen articles to get us started for the first 2 weeks of the quarter, but I have left the reading schedule open for the rest of the quarter so that we can pursue this topic in a way that most interests us as a class. 

You may earn extra credit (maximum 30 points) by submitting articles for the class reader that pertain to our chosen topic. If the article is at least 15 substantial paragraphs, makes a thoughtful argument backing a clear position, and represents a view we have not yet read in class, then you will earn 5 extra credit points. If your article gets posted to the syllabus, you will get an additional 5 points. Short news items and political cartoons can also earn you some points.


Copyright Notice: Many of the materials posted to this course site are protected by copyright law. These materials are only for the use of students enrolled in this course and only for the purposes of this course. They may not be further retained or disseminated.


Submitting Assignments: Most of your interaction with the class will happen on the Discussion Board so that other students can see what you are doing, get inspired by it, think about it, and respond to it. Some assignments may be attached to a drop box. I will make it clear through links in weekly folders where and when to submit certain assignments. However, if you are having technical difficulties uploading assignments to Angel, you may submit any written assignments by e-mailing them to me at [email protected]. It will also be possible to submit your assignments in hard copy (though most will still need to be typed out), but then they will need to be submitted by class time while assignments submitted by internet will usually not be due until the end of the day.

Attendance and Participation: As indicated above, participation is a significant element of this class. You will earn up to 10 points per week (or sometimes more) for participating in class discussion, contributing to weekly forums, actively participating in workshops and group activities. Failure to participate can significantly lower your grade. You may be marked absent if you are not in class by the time I take roll, if you come without the materials to work that day, or if you are mentally absent from class. You will lose two participation points for every day you are marked absent for any reason.


Evaluation: Your final grade will be calculated as a straight ratio of points earned to points possible and translated into a letter grade based on a fairly generous scale. In order to calculate your letter grade at any given point in the quarter (or on any particular assignment), simply divide your current points by the points possible, multiply the result by 100 and consult this chart.