OT 126                                                                                   5 Credits

Schedule # 5714



Susan Quinn, Instructor

Walla Walla Community College

500 Tausick Way

Walla Walla, WA 99362


Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  (509) 527-4232 




Text: Formatting and Document Processing by VanHuss, Forde, and Woo – Microsoft Office 2007

Keyboarding Pro Deluxe Individual User


Prerequisite:      OT 125

                                    Basic Computer Literacy Skills


Success Factors:


            Self-motivated learner

            Self-directed in learning activities

Follow through on completion of all assignments and activities

            Remain on schedule for assignments, tests, etc.



Hardware and Software Requirements:                


Microsoft Office 2007

CD Rom Drive

Internet connection

Personal e-mail account





Student Responsibilities:


In order to achieve the objectives for this course, students will be required to accomplish the following:


            E-mail all assignments, tests, etc., to instructor’s e-mail address by scheduled deadline

            Complete hands-on exercises and assignments as assigned.

            Complete exams as scheduled.

            Complete timings as assigned.


Course Schedule:


This course is designed as a 10-week course.  Specific assignments, timings, and test schedule for each week will be given to the student the first week of the quarter.  Assignments for Week 1 will be due by midnight on Monday of Week 2, assignments for Week 2 will be due by midnight on Monday of Week 3, etc.  No assignments will be accepted after the deadline for the week. 


Assignments and due dates may be adjusted at the instructor’s discretion.  Instructor will make every effort to return submitted assignments within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.


Course Objective:


This course is designed to enable to the student to use word processing functions to correctly and efficiently produce a variety of business documents commonly found in today’s businesses. 


An important goal of the course is to provide the student with the ability to transfer the skills and concepts learned to emerging technology, computer programs, etc., as changes in the field are introduced and adopted.


Course Outcomes:


Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the student will demonstrate the following competencies:


1.        Demonstrate correct keying techniques.

2.        Correctly format and edit the following business documents:

            a.  Business letters and correspondence

            b.  Reports

            c.  Memos

            d.  Tables

            e.  Administrative Documents

3.        Perform basic windows operation.

4.        Perform basic files management (directory, file saving, retrieving, deleting, printing, etc.)

5.        Keyboard a minimum of 35 words per minute at the end of the quarter.





You will complete timings as they are presented.  Final timing grade will be computed from the top three timing scores throughout the quarter.  Timing grade is based on the following criteria.


            35 -  40 NWPM - C

            41 -  49 NWPM - B

            50 - UP NWPM - A






Computation of grades is as follows:


            Daily Assignments                                    40 Percent

            Timings                                                         10 Percent

            Exams                                                           50 Percent

                                                                                 100 Percent


 Final grades will be assigned as follows:


A  =-93 - 100%                                                       

A- = 90 -   92%                    

B+ = 87 -  89%

B   = 83 -  86%

B-  = 80 -  82%

C+ = 77 -  79%

C   = 73 -  76%

C-  = 70 -  72%

D+ = 67 -  69%

D   = 60 -  66%

F   =  Below 60%