Math 220, Linear Algebra

Instructor Information

Eric Schulz, Office #288A, 509-527-4281, [email protected] My office hours are posted at I'm available for appointments outside of posted office hours to help students be successful in my courses. Feel free to contact me via email or phone - I check email and voice messages several times during the day.

Course Description

Designed for students planning studies in mathematics, engineering, computer science, and physics. Topics for the course include: systems of linear equations, vectors, matrices, linear transformations, vector spaces, eigenvalues/eigenvectors/eigenspaces/eigenbasis, orthogonalization and diagonalization.

The course will also require extensive use of the software Mathematica . Mathematica is available on pc's in Room 207, Room 221, and Room 288 on campus.

Required Materials


Attendance at every class session is expected. I understand absences are sometimes unavoidable and will work with students when such occasioins arise. In the event of an absence occuring on the date of a scheduled exam, prior arrangments must be made in order to schedule a time to write the exam.


Homework from the textbook will be assigned and discussed regularly. The homework assignments will usually be a combination of traditional paper and pencil exercises (PPP) along with Mathematica problems (MP).


Paper and pencil homework, Mathematica homework, and exams. Exams will be a combination of in-class and take-home problems. There will be three exams - each worth 100 points. Each homework assignment will be worth 10 points. Course grades will be determined by dividing the points earned by the points possible in the course with letter grades assigned to percentages according to the table given below.

Let p be the percent of the possible course points earned by a student, the course grade is then given in the following table:

93% <= p<=100%
-> A
90% <= p <93%
-> A-
87% <= p <90%
-> B+
83% <= p < 87%
-> B
80% <= p < 83%
-> B-
77% <= p < 80%
-> C+
73% <= p < 77%
-> C
70% <= p < 73%
-> C-
67% <= p < 70%
-> D+
60% <= p < 67%
-> D
0% <= p < 60%
-> F