Introduction to Computers and Information Technology

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Parsons, June J. And Oja, Dan, New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 11th Ed, Course Technology Inc., 2008. CD-ROM included. ISBN: 1-4239-2518-1 © 2008


Necessary Materials

Textbook above, CD-ROM drive, Storage Device


Course Structure:

  • Complete the reading, projects, labs, summaries, test yourself, practice quizzes, and any other chapter work listed on the course schedule for each chapter and give them to the instructor or post on WebCT. On CoursePort, when you join this class with the code below I will be able to see what you do. Every other email or contact needs a Subject like: "CS 115 - Topic". The message must include your name and any appropriate information. You may print or send assignments via your text CD and your Tracking data disk if needed (contact me.) As you complete the assignments, your unit tests will be available to you via WebCT for you to complete. You must complete each unit test within the time limit and by the due date, or the test will not be graded. You need to complete the viewing of the video series Triumph of the Nerds and submit the questions prior to the ninth week.
  • After you have completed all requirements of the course including the chapter projects and labs, the film festival and the video series, and the Power Point Presentation assignment (see next topic), you can take the final examination on or before the scheduled day of finals.

 Power Point Presentation Assignments:

Your topic must be approved by your instructor. You will need to have at least six resources coming from three different areas of research i.e.: the Internet, the library, personal interviews, magazines, newspaper, etc. Report/tell what the feature/interview was about, what it meant to you, and, in your opinion, its impact on computing or society. You must site all resources. Include a title page, table of contents, article summaries, interviewee’s information, and attached in an appendix, copies of the articles. Due Friday before final examination week.




  • Review the suggested chapter projects found on the schedule and at the end of each chapter and submit on WebCT as listed on the class schedule.  You MUST have your Name, Class (DL), Date, and Assignment (ie. Ch 5 Prj Building a Network) on each project. You will complete the project and submit it to the discussion area in WebCT. Then you will need to review your classmates work and submit a reply to a minimum number of 2 posts.

Chapter Labs:

  • Complete the assigned labs (use CoursePort online for these or you will need your CD) as assigned on the class schedule. Labs that you complete on CoursePort will be saved on the server and I can see that work, but you MUST have joined this class - if I am to see it. See instructions below about CoursePort. (IF NEEDED)  You can send the labs to your instructor using your CD and Traking disk if needed by clicking on the Send Tracking Data to Instructor from the CD homepage menu option File. Use the last 4 digits of your SID as your user ID and "X1" as your section # for creating your student data disk (be sure you know where you are saving the tracking data).

Chapter Test Yourself / Games:

  • These tests and games are on  CoursePort or if needed on the CD-ROM. They need to be taken at the completion of each chapter with at least an 80%. You are only required to complete one of the four (3 different games or the Test Yourself.)  On CoursePort as long as you are registered for the class (see below) I will get your data from the CoursePort server.




  • Account used for course work and practice. Make your own account initially from URL: Account used for class tests, discussions, communication, class information.
    Go to New User Registration - Fill in the information - Choose our Textbook the 11th Ed (over midway down) - Then Join a Class.
    Use the CS 115 – Fall 2008 Code: 1466E402
    You need to remember your own username and password.

Use this site for your choice of an On-line game or Test Yourself, the Student Edition Labs, Info Web Links, the CNET Video Clips, and the Chapter Projects. If you are a member of my class, I will see the work you do on CoursePort without you having to send it.


CEI’s :

Current event issues - are related topics that are being discussed in the textbook's current chapter that can be found on the Internet, in magazines, newspapers, etc. Summarize your findings, (200-500 words) include resources at the bottom of your paper and discuss with the rest of the class by posting it in the WebCT discussion area. Two are required, you can complete up to 3 more for extra credit

.Textbook CD:

  • You are not required to use this, but it is a great tool. To save the information of your scores, you need to create a tracking data file. File in your first and last name, use your last four digits of you SID for your userID, and the section number for this course is X1 for the Distance Learners. You need to realize where you put this file. If you are working off the same computer and using your flash or hard drive - no problem, but if you move around you need to be sure to use your flash and when you go to work on a different computer direct the CD to find the tracking data by going to File in the menu bar and Change Tracking location => Create will create a new tracking data file, Open will allow you to find the location of an existing tracking file. You will not be able to open the tracking file with extension *.tk3 without having the CD open and going to File and View Tracking Data. You may always print this data and hand it to your instructor.








Unit tests & Quizzes




Chapter Labs




Chapter Projects




Ch Summaries & Practice Tests








Research Paper








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