The reserves system allows instructors to place at the circulation desk or in their course management system, on a temporary basis, a select group of materials relevant to a particular course or program for enrolled students within their guidelines of fair use.

Instructors have the primary responsibility for collecting materials for reserve and are encouraged to place on reserve.

  • textbooks to accommodate temporary use needs of students
  • course related books, articles, media or artifacts
  • materials used by several instructors within a department in classroom instruction

Items for reserve may be from the library or personal copies and include:

  • books and periodicals
  • photocopies of articles and chapters
  • videos/DVDs
  • sample quizzes and exams
  • lecture notes
  • PowerPoint print-outs and solution sets
  • rocks, models, equipment

Interlibrary loans may not be placed on reserve. Students’ material or works may be placed on reserve by an instructor if a student release has been obtained. The library may purchase copies of regularly used personal copies or multiple copies of popular items already in the collection.

To expedite the process, instructors are asked to submit and have on file with library staff a reserve form for each item or folder. The form is available at the circulation desk and online. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Usually items will be available 1-2 days after submitted.

Photocopies of copyrighted material may be placed on reserve in the library or within a course management system for one term. Faculty librarians are available to consult with regarding ‘Fair Use’ guidelines. Copies will include the full bibliographic citation. Staff stamp the following message on all copyrighted photocopies.

Notice: This material may be protected by copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code).

The checkout time for library reserves is 2 hours in the library use only. Faculty may check out the material for longer periods of time with the item subject to recall. Students must have permission from an instructor before they can remove reserve items from the library.

A reserve collection is maintained at the library circulation desk. All reserve items are added to the OPAC, located under the Reserves tab by the instructor name. Items on the reserve shelf are arranged alphabetically by instructor, and then by title. Occasionally, items will be shelved under a generic description (e.g., Nursing, Quest, Library, Special Collections, etc.).

Instructors will be notified at the end of each quarter and asked if the items need to remain on reserve for the next quarter. Any items belonging to the library that will not be used during the next quarter are removed from the reserve collection and returned to the circulating collection. Items belonging to instructors are returned to the instructor and their records removed from the OPAC. Circulation statistics by item are available upon request.