Clarkston Campus Library

The Clarkston Campus Library is a great place to get help. We specialize in answering your questions, and we are open more hours than any other office on campus. We offer access to a collection of print, electronic and digital resource selected with the WWCC Clarkston student in mind.

For more information about the Clarkston Campus Library, please contact Jackson Vance | 509.758.1714.

Services at the Clarkston Campus Library include:

  • Public access computers
  • Black & White printing for educational purposes
  • Copiers for your convenience
  • Testing and study space
  • Electronic Resources and Databases for desktop access & delivery
  • Books, CDs, Videos, DVDs and Periodicals to support WWCC programs
  • Borrowing capabilities from other libraries anywhere

For a list of new materials, click here. Click here for library hours for the Clarkston Campus.