Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for Financial Aid Recipients

Students receiving financial aid funds are required to make satisfactory academic progress and must enroll in classes required for their program of study.


All students must be in good standing with WWCC and maintain the minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 each quarter. Students failing to meet this standard will be placed on a warning status for one quarter and will continue to be eligible for aid for that quarter. Failure to meet the 2.00 GPA requirement for two consecutive quarters will result in financial aid suspension.


1. Students are expected to successfully complete the credits for which they enroll. Credits completed will be reviewed at the end of each quarter to determine that progress is being made toward completion of the program of study. If student do not complete the number of registered credits, they can be placed on either a warning status or automatic suspension as follows:

If you enroll as:You must complete at least:You will be placed on warning staus if you complete:Aid will be suspended if you complete less than:
Full-time (12+ credits)12 credits per quarter6-11 credits per quarter6 credits per quarter
3/4 time (9-11 credits9 credits per quarter4-8 credits per quarter4 credits per quarter
1/2 time (6-8 credits)6 credits per quarter3-5 credits per quarter3 credits per quarter
1/2 time (1-5 credits)All credits enrolled forTotal credits enrolled

*Only grades of A, B, C, D, P, and S will count as completed credits. Grades of F, Z, Y, I, N, and W do not count as completed credits.

2. Students must maintain Pace of Progression completion rate of at least 67% of the credits for which they attempt (register).

  • Pace of progression is evaluated at the end of each quarter and is based on cumulative credits completed divided into the cumulative number of credits attempted within their program of study. Those who fail to meet the pace of progression for one quarter will be placed on warning status; two consecutive quarters will result in financial aid suspension.
  • Pace of progression examples for a student enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits):
    • Example 1: Student attempts 20 credits and successfully completes 15 credits: 15/20 = 75% completion. Student is in good academic standing.
    • Example 2: Student attempts 20 credits and successfully copmletes 12 credits: 12/20 = 60% completion. Student is placed on warning status and will continue to receive aid. The pace of progression requirement was not met even though the student successfully met the quarterly enrollment level requirement.
    • Example 3: Student attempts 20 credits and successfully completes 5 credits: 5/20 = 25% completion. Students’s aid is immediately suspended because they failed to meet both the pace of progression requirement and the quarterly enrollment level requirement.


1. Students have a maximum time frame to complete their selected program of study at Walla Walla Community College, indicated as follows:

  • Each student is allowed up to a maximum of 150% of the the total credits required by the program. For example, students in a program requiring 93 credits to complete, will be allowed a maximum of 139 attempted credits to complete the degree. Students receiving Washington State Need Grant funds are permitted a maximum of 125% for State Need Grant eligbility.
  • An additional 45 attempted credits are allowed for remedial courses (below 100 level) necessary to enter the selected program of study.
  • All credits which apply to the current program of study will be considered regardless of whether or not financial aid was received.
  • Retaking coursework using financial aid may be allowed under certain circumstances:
    • All coursework that is retaken must be a requirement for program completion.
    • Only coursework that received a failing grade will be allowed to be retaken until a passing grade is received. Financial aid is available for these courses.
    • A student may repeat a previously passed course once utilizing financial aid.

2.maximum of two programs of study may be pursued while on financial aid funding at Walla Walla Community College.

3. Students who are on financial aid warning status:

  • Can receive financial aid while they are on warning status.
  • Must successfully complete 100% of their subsequent term in order to be removed from warning status and be back in good standing for financial aid purposes.
    • If a student fails to complete two consecutive quarters successfully, they will be placed on financial aid suspension.

4. Students who are suspended from financial aid:

  • May be considered fro reinstatement of eligibility after successfully completing, at their own expense, the minimum number of credits required (determined by their last attempted quarter) with a 2.00 GPA for that quarter. Upon successful completion of these credits, the student must submit a grade report and request to be reinstated on financial aid.
  • May appeal for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility based on extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. An appeal request with appropriate documentation must be submitted to the financial aid office for review. A financial aid appeal committee will review the documentation submitted and make a decision regarding continued eligibility. The financial aid appeal committee will meet periodically throughout each quarter. If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on a probation the following quarter.
    • Students placed on probation must complete all credits at the status for which they enrolled with at 2.00 GPA during their next term of enrollment and be removed from probation and maintain eligibility for financial aid.
  • Must pay any repayment that may be owed to financial aid programs as a result of leaving school. Repayment must be paid in full before any appeal will be reviewed and before any further financial aid funds will be disbursed.

5. Students are no longer eligible for financial aid at Walla Walla Community College when one or more of the following situations occurs:

  • The degree or certificate program at WWCC has been completed or the maximum number of credits attempted toward program completion has been reached; or
  • The two programs of study limit has been met; or
  • Less than 50% of attempted credits were completed during any one quarter; or
  • Two successive quarter of unsatisfactory academic progress; or
  • Pace of progression minimum of 67% completion was not met for two consecutive quarters.