Spring Quarter 2015 Financial Aid

If you did not have a completed financial aid file by February 2, your eligibility may not be determined by Spring Quarter tuition due date. In this case, please plan to pay tuition by March 20 or sign up for the automatic payment plan. In addition, please plan to have funds in place to pay for books and other class related expenses until your financial aid eligibility has been determined.

Use your SSN and Global Pin to login

For security reasons change your Global PIN (takes overnight to update the Financial Aid system)

Grant eligibility will be determined in time for Spring Quarter’s tuition due date of March 20 for those who met our February 2 financial aid application deadline.

We are currently reviewing and awarding all financial aid files that were completed by February 2, 2015. Please keep up-to-date on your awarding status by checkiing the awards section on your Financial Aid Portal.

Log in from home to see the current status of your Financial Aid Application

If you have completed FAFSA online and included Walla Walla Community College as one of your school choices, you can view your financial aid status including any awards you have been offered on our new Student Financial Aid Portal (click link above).

What you can see in the Portal:

  • Documents you have turned in or need to turn in
  • Messages from our office
  • Awards you have been offered
  • Loan disbursements made

Log In

To log in to the Student Financial Aid portal you will need your SSN (Social Security Number) and your Global Pin. You should change your Global Pin, click here. It takes overnight for the Global Pin change to update the Financial Aid system.

Your initial Global PIN will be the same as in the SMS (Student Management System). Be sure to use mddyy (no leading 0) if you have a one-digit birth month, and mmddyy if you have a 2 digit birth month.

Lost Username or Password?

Call the Financial Aid office at 527.4301.

Have Questions?

Contact the Financial Aid Office for financial aid questions at 509.527.4301.