Mailing Address:

Walla Walla Community College
Financial Aid Office
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Telephone: (509) 527-4301

Fax: (509) 527-1875

Email: [email protected]

Staff NamePhone #Business HoursTitle
Corey Gibbard527.4531Monday-Wednesday & Friday, 8AM – 5PM*Program Assistant
Maisee Lewis527.3672Monday-Wednesday & Friday, 8AM – 5PM*Program Coordinator
Rosie McEvoy527.4576Monday-Wednesday & Friday, 8AM – 5PM*Program Coordinator
Lee Grubb527.4301Monday-Wednesday & Friday, 8AM – 5PM*Assistant Director
Danielle Hodgen527.4301Monday-Wednesday & Friday, 8AM – 5PM*Director

*The Financial Aid Office is closed to the public on Thursdays to allow for dedicated time to process student files.