Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students receiving financial aid funds are required to make satisfactory academic progress in their chosen program of study. Students must enroll in classes required for the program of study. The following information and chart outlines Walla Walla Community College’s academic progress requirements for financial aid recipients.


All students must be in good standing with the College and maintain the minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 each quarter.


Students are expected to successfully complete the credits for which they enroll. Credits completed will be reviewed at the end of each quarter to determine that progress is being made toward completion of the program of study.

If you enroll as:

You must complete at least:

You will be placed on probation if you complete:

Aid will be suspended if you complete less than:

Full time (12+ credits)

12 credits per quarter

6-11 credits per quarter

6 credits per quarter

¾ time (9-11 credits)

9 credits per quarter

5-8 credits per quarter

5 credits per quarter

½ time (6-8 credits)

6 credits per quarter

3-5 credits per quarter

3 credits per quarter

½ time (1-5 credits)

all credits enrolled for

total credits enrolled

Only grades of A, B, C, D, P, and S will count as completed credits. Grades of F, Z, Y, I, N, and W do not count as completed credits.