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Fermentation Science Certificate  

This schedule lists all courses required for completion of the Fermentation Science Certificate, but the actual order and specific coursework may vary depending on student placement, start date, and quarter. Please check with your advisor prior to any substitutions.

The required related instruction is noted in bold print. The letter in parenthesis indicates which category of related instruction is represented by the given course as follows:

(W) -Written Communications (O) - Oral Communications
(R) - Human Relations (M) - Computation/Mathematics
(J) - Job Seekings Skills (L) - Leadership


Year One
Fall Quarter
EV 203, Science of Winemaking I
EV 286, Winemaking Practicum I
CMST& 220, Public Speaking** (O)
3 - 5
ENGL& 101, English Composition I (W)
Total Credits
14 - 16
Winter Quarter
EV 287, Winemaking Practicum II
EV 204, Science of Winemaking II
EV 108, Wine Industry Marketplace (J)
PSYC& 100, General Psychology (R)
3 - 5
Total Credits
12 - 14
Spring Quarter
AGRI 211, Small Business Management
EV 189, Sensory Analysis of Wine
EV 193, Winery Operations Management
EV 205, Science of Winemaking III
EV 288, Winemaking Practicum III
Total Credits
Total Year One Credits
43 - 47
Total Credits
43- 43 - 47
* - EV elective offerings: AGPR 105, Weed Biology and Identification; CA 133, Food and Wine/Beverage; and/or any EV class 100 level or higher that is not already listed as part of the required EV program curriculum can be taken to fulfill the elective requirements including EV 297. Up to two credits of EV 180 can be counted for elective credits. A total of five elective credits must be met for degree completion.

** - Students must complete related instruction requirements in the following categories to receive this certificate: Written Communications, Oral Communications, Job Seeking Skills, and Human Relations. Students must complete all six related instruction categories for the degree.

Prerequisite: Students must complete the Viticulture Science Certificate before completing the Fermentation Science Certificate.

(R) - ELECT PSYC2, BUS 102, BUS 157, OCSUP 101, PSYC 111
(W) - ENGL& 101
(J) - EV 108
(O) - ELECT CMST1, CMST 102, OCSUP 102


EPC: 121E

Certificate Clock Hours: 620