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Outdoor Power Equipment Degree Options

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Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Outdoor Power and Turf Equipment Technician Quarter
This technical degree prepares the student for immediate employment in the turf equipment service industry. The degree is six quarters (two years) in length and includes the five EETC certifications obtained in the certificate, and two additional EETC certifications. The final two quarters of the degree are offered on campus only.
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Degree Outcomes

Outdoor Power Equipment Certificate Quarter
Students may earn a Certificate as an Outdoor Power and Turf Equipment Technician upon completion of four quarters of course instruction. This certificate is taught via web-based learning and either an on or off campus lab. This certificate allows students to acquire the master competencies to complete five EETC Certification Tests.
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Degree Outcomes

STIHL Two-Cycle Endorsement Quarter
This endorsement prepares the student to take the Bronze Level STIHL Certification exam.
Available at/via:  [Walla Walla]
Degree Outcomes