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Master Course Outline
EST 204
Solid Waste Management

Credits: 3
Clock Hours per Quarter: 40

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:20    Lab Hours:20

EST 204 builds on EST 201 Plant Operations by focusing on operations that collect, transport, sort, and dispose of waste materials. Such operations, including landfills, handle hazardous and non-hazardous residential, commercial, and industrial wastes. These operations function under strict federal and state air, soil, and water pollution control permitting and reporting requirements. Solid waste management operations sort recyclables through material recovery facilities (MRFs), separate organic materials (food waste and yard debris) for composting and/or anaerobic digestion, recover landfill gas and upgrade it to pipeline quality biomethane, and/or combust a portion of their non-organic wastes to produce combined heat and power (cogeneration).

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Apply knowledge in the terminology and key concepts of solid waste management.
  • Compare and contrast the prevalent and emerging approaches to solid waste management in the Pacific Northwest, including the types of biomass available and under consideration for bioenergy generation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of effective communications, including reporting and permitting for Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations.
  • Provide examples of contemporary issues and challenges in the field of solid waste management.

  • Course Topics
  • State and federal regulations governing solid waste management, including relevant Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act mandates.
  • Issues and permitting pertaining to Environmental, Health, and Safety.
  • Solid Waste Management labs and field trips to landfill and cogeneration facility.
  • Review separation and sorting technologies specific to Solid Waste Management.
  • Review of energy production, emissions scrubbing technologies, and groundwater quality protection at Solid Waste Management facilities.

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