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Master Course Outline
EST 115
Industrial Mechanics/Maintenance - Wind Machines

Credits: 5
Clock Hours per Quarter: 50

AA Discipline:

Lecture Hours:50

Addresses the needs of the multi-crafted maintenance technician and presents an all-encompassing view of the field of industrial maintenance, which covers a variety of technical skill areas. These include, but are not limited to: mechanics (mechanical installation, fluid power, piping systems, power transmission, print reading, and safety to name a few), and welding (gas welding and arc welding).

Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss workplace safety, personal protective equipment, best work practices, hazardous material handling, arc flash safety, electrical and general safety.
  • Use hand and power tools safely. Show others how to use the tools correctly and safely.
  • Identify the different types and classifications of fasteners, including bolts, nuts, screws and retaining rings. Be able to use taps and dies for the various fasteners installation. Name all the parts of the various threads of the fasteners.
  • Read mechanical and electrical prints so as to be able to construct or assemble the related item(s).
  • Identify the particular parts, systems, and formulas for mechanical power transmission. Includes belts and sheaves, chains and sprockets, gears and gearboxes, and the calculation for determining speed of the various ratio systems.
  • Identify the different types and their application of the different mechanical bearings.
  • Demonstrate how to align a coupled shaft with dial indicators, laser alignment tools, feeler gages, and reverse dial indicator method.
  • Discuss the hows and knows of lubrication.
  • Identify the different types of seals and packing and their installation.
  • Identify the different types and specifications of pumps and compressors and how to troubleshoot.
  • Discuss hydraulics and pneumatics and the application of each and their systems.
  • Explain piping systems and their construction.
  • Discuss the ins and outs of variable frequency drives and their control system.
  • Explain Basic Programmable Logic Controllers and their systems.
  • Demonstrate very basic knowledge of welding methods and science.
  • Explain preventive maintenance systems and their application to today's maintenance field.

  • Course Topics
  • Safety
  • Tools
  • Fasteners
  • Industrial print reading
  • Mechanical power transmission
  • Bearings
  • Coupled shaft alignment
  • Lubrication
  • Seals and packing
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Fluid power
  • Piping systms
  • Electrical lighting
  • Gas welding
  • Arc welding
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Mechanical PM
  • Electrical PM

  • Syllabi Listing See ALL Quarters
    Year Quarter
    EST 115
    Winter 2014
    Charles Miller
    EST 115
    Winter 2013
    James Bradshaw
    EST 115
    Winter 2012
    James Bradshaw
    EST 115
    Winter 2010
    Jeffery Hawkins

    Two Year Projected Schedule

    Year One* Year Two**

    *If fall quarter starts on an odd year (2003, 2005, etc.), it's Year One.
    If fall quarter starts on an even year (2002, 2004, etc.), it's Year Two.