Turf Management

TURF-101: Turf Equipment Operations I, Credits = 3
Students will operate and maintain turf equipment, including mower units, top dressers, soil aerators, trimmers, sprayers and miscellaneous turf equipment. They will also develop a practical costing of equipment plan which emphasizes safety.

TURF-122: Turf Maintenance Practices, Credits = 3
Students are introduced to the methods used in maintenance of sports fields, parks, school grounds, and golf courses. It prepares students for cooperative work experience and for entry into the turf industry.

TURF-191: Cooperative Work Experience, Credits = 1 - 10
Students work in a job directly related to the turf management industry. This formal training period is agreed upon by the student, employer, and instructor. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

TURF-192: Cooperative Seminar, Credits = 2
Students examine issues related to student's cooperative work experience focusing on effective workplace relationships. They evaluate how self-knowledge, perception, attitudes, and behavior affect workplace relationships and job satisfaction. Students will also develop effective learning skills for workplace and educational success. Co-requisite: TURF 191.

TURF-199: Special Topics, Credits = 1 - 5
In collaboration with your Instructor/Advisor, establish an appropriate project with identified and measurable learning outcomes. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

TURF-201: Turfgrass Cultural Practices, Credits = 6
Students are introduced to turfgrass cultural practices. Topics covered include turfgrass types and cultivars, turfgrass uses, selection of grasses, turfgrass fertilization and fertilizer selection, water needs of the grass plant and irrigation, renovation practices, future trends, and turfgrass assessment techniques.

TURF-215: Turf Diseases and Insects, Credits = 5
This course concentrates on fundamentals of entomology and plant pathology to set the stage for working with the specifics of turfgrass problems. It is an introduction to the identification, study of life cycles, and control of insects and diseases as well as specific problems and their controls on turf.

TURF-291: Cooperative Work Experience II, Credits = 1 - 10
Students are employed in jobs directly related to the turf management industry. This formal training period is agreed upon by the student, employer, and instructor. Demonstrations of gas and diesel engines, electrical, power trains, and hydraulics are done, in order that students are able to perform simple tune-ups and repairs on equipment. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

TURF-292: Cooperative Seminar II, Credits = 2
Students will contribute to discussions related to their cooperative work experience that focus on effective workplace relationships and applying leadership skills to promote personal development. They will also demonstrate effective communication skills, resolve conflicts, build teams, and engage employees in decision making. Co-requisite: TURF 291.