The Science Division seeks to provide students with a diverse array of physical and life science classes through which they will develop an increased awareness and understanding of scientific knowledge and the scientific method of investigation by which this knowledge has been gained.

Program Outcomes

  • To offer a variety of introductory science classes which fulfill the necessary Natural Science graduation requirements for all AA transfer students.
  • To assist non-science majors in becoming more scientifically literate.
  • To provide science majors with the foundation knowledge they will need in order to successfully continue on to upper level courses at a transfer institution.
  • To offer comprehensive sequences of lower division science classes in a variety disciplines which provide science majors with a solid one or two years of preparation in their chosen field comparable to what they would receive in the first two years as a resident student at a transfer institution.
  • To provide pre-professional (nursing, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, etc.) students with the first two years of course work necessary for entrance in most Allied Health related programs.