Industrial First Aid

IFA-022: AHA Heartsaver First Aid, Credits = .4
A fundamental training program in emergency care that incorporates CPR and other emergency skills into a single course. Emphasizes utilizing the priorities of care and approach to the patient as demonstrated by professional emergency care providers. The core program provides minimum information and skills for a variety of environments and can be supplemented with additional first aid topics specific to the needs of the course participants. Available on-campus as well as on a contract basis throughout Walla Walla and Columbia counties.

IFA-023: AHA Heartsaver First Aid-Recertification, Credits = .2
A review of AHA Heartsaver First Aid that provides the student with CPR training and other emergency skills. Priorities of care are reviewed, and all components of the basic course are demonstrated and practiced. In order to take the recertification course, the basic course must have been taken within the prior two-year period. Students must have AHA Heartsaver First Aid card issued within the last two years to enroll.