Adult Basic Education / GED ®

GED-024: GED® Skill Building, Credits = 1 - 10.5
The focus of instruction in this course is to strengthen reading, writing, problem solving, and computational skills for individuals whose CASAS pre-testing does not place them in the GED®-025/Fast Track Class. This class is to bridge the educational needs of students who have minimal GED® tests left to complete, as well as open enrollment. This course will endeavor to help meet the demanding schedules of everyday life. This class will provide lecture, group work, individual work, and hands on learning with practical application to GED® and life.

GED-025: GED® Preparation, Credits = 1 - 11
Provided in both English and bilingual settings, GED® Preparation courses are offered in a variety of instructional environments: multi-level one-on-one instruction; structured courses; computer-guided courses; and learning communities. These courses emphasize proficiency in the five GED® subject areas: social studies, natural science, literature, writing, and mathematics. Prerequisite: Students under 19 years of age must have a signed release form from the last school they attended. Students 16-17 years of age must first be admitted to the College as an underage student by following the Underage Admissions Policy available in the Student Development Center.