Energy Systems Technology - HVACR

Industry Certification

  • Washington State LNI-Electrical Trainee Card, 1419 hours 06A with AAAS Degree
  • OHSA-10 Construction Safety Certification*
  • Industrial First Aid-CPR-AED Certification*
  • EPA-608 Refrigerant Handler Technician Certification*
  • Electrical Employment Ready (ER) Certification*
  • Air Conditioning ER Certification*
  • Systems Performance**
  • Electric Heat ER Certification**
  • Gas Heat ER Certification***
  • Heat Pump ER Certification***
  • Oil Heat ER Certification***
  • Commercial Refrigeration ER Certification**
  • TracPipe Certification
  • * Required for One Year Certification

    ** Required for AAAS Degree

    *** Only completion of one of these is required for AAAS Degree