Energy - HVACR

Entrance Requirements

Students contemplating entering the Energy - HVACR training program should complete an online application, complete financial aid forms, complete the placement process through the Testing Center, and then meet with a program advisor in the HVACR training area. A high school diploma or GED« is recommended for entry into this program and is required if students are pursuing an AAAS degree.

WWCC Energy - HVACR is an approved electrical training program through the State of Washington (WAC 296-46B-971) and to comply with Washington Law students entering the program that will be working in Washington State are required to obtain Washington State LNI Electrical trainee card within the first two weeks of the quarter enrolled (this may be waived if out of state, and will be covered during program orientation). Students completing an AAAS degree will receive 1419 electrical hours on the 06A.

Students may enter the program fall, winter or spring quarter, however, due to course sequencing it is recommended the students begin in the fall quarter.

NOTE: It is recommended that the student contact the lead instructor and discuss program interest and to determine appropriate program placement.