Engineering Technology

Industry Description

Engineers change the world! They dream up creative practical solutions, and work with other intelligent inspiring people to invent, design, and create things that matter. Engineers and technicians work both indoors and outdoors, using a wide variety of technologies to provide solutions that affect all aspects of daily life. The demand for engineers has jumped recently and will increase as aging highways, utilities, and other systems need to be replaced. People are more easily finding jobs upon graduation also. However, not enough engineers and technicians are being produced to meet this demand. Well-trained people are needed now.

Engineering is that industry that plans, develops, and monitors construction of facilities such as roadway, water supply, and communication systems; or manufacturing of items such as equipment or electronics. It encompasses many specialties such as structural, water resource, environmental, transportation, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Engineers complete investigations, perform computations, manage projects, develop plans, and inspect construction or fabrication. Technicians normally assist them with more hands-on activities such as surveying, computer aided drafting and design, and inspection. Government agencies, utility districts, private consultants, and fabrication plants hire engineers and technicians.

The ability to visualize components spatially, perform computations, be organized, account for cost, and use computers effectively is essential to a successful engineer. Many shy away from engineering because they feel they cannot do this. However, many people have successfully overcome these concerns, developed the skills, and now enjoy a rewarding career.