ENGL-077: Writing Fundamentals, Credits = 5
Focuses on key elements of grammar, sentence structure, and composition of a well-developed paragraph. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score and writing sample. Formerly ENG 077.

ENGL-087: Writing Essentials, Credits = 5
Focuses on basic grammar conventions and mechanics; how to think critically; how to construct and combine sentences; how to organize and develop ideas; how to write paragraphs; and basic editing and proofreading skills. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score or grade of C or higher in ENGL 077. Formerly ENG 087.

ENGL-097: Basic Expository Writing, Credits = 5
Focuses on the composition of well-developed paragraphs and essays, the writing process, basic grammar, and critical thinking. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score or grade of C or higher in ENGL 087.

ENGL-115: Arthurian Literature, Credits = 3
Examines selected Arthurian legends found in literature, film, music and art from the middle ages to the modern period. Formerly LIT 111.

ENGL-118: Baseball Literature and American Culture, Credits = 5
Examines the short stories, poetry, novels, and non-fiction that focus on our national pastime in order to determine how authors perceive the game as reflective of larger issues in American life and the human condition. Recommended: READ 088 or higher.

ENGL-144: Introduction to Film, Credits = 5
Examines selected films with emphasis on story, character, and criticism. Formerly LIT 144.

ENGL-147: Comic Books and Graphic Novels, Credits = 5
Examines a variety of forms of drawn literature, including comics, graphic novels, autobiography, as well as less traditional narratives. Primary focus of the coruse is on critical acclaimed graphic novels. Formerly LIT 147.

ENGL-149: Classic Children's Literature, Credits = 5
Examines literary fiction directed to children. Formerly LIT 149.

ENGL-210: Myth and Folklore, Credits = 5
Examines the myths and folktales of the world with an emphasis on literature and culture. Course taken prior to fall 2010 also accepted for diversity requirement. Formerly LIT 210.

ENGL-212: African-American Literature, Credits = 3
Focuses on the study of major African-American writers. Formerly LIT 212.

ENGL-245: American Literature, Credits = 5
Examines influential American literary voices and styles from settlement times through the present. Formerly LIT 245.

ENGL-246: Literature of the British Isles, Credits = 5
An introduction to some of the English texts that launched the West's rich literary traditions, starting over 1000 years ago and covering up to the mid-20th century. Sampling essays, poems, historical texts, stories, memoirs, speeches, plays, and a novel, the course features a wide variety of works from authors representing the British Isles including England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. [H]

ENGL-251: Voices of Women in Literature, Credits = 5
Surveys selected women writers across time and cultures with a focus on women as authors and characters. Time period covered ranges from the 18th to the 21st century. Student may not earn credit for both ENGL 251 and WST 251. Course taken prior to fall 2010 also accepted for diversity requirement. Formerly LIT 251. Recommended: READ 088 or higher.

ENGL-257: Literature of the Inland Northwest, Credits = 5
Examines the historical and contemporary literature of the Inland Northwest in fiction, poetry, personal memoir, and letters from various cultures. Formerly LIT 257.

ENGL-261: Native American Literature, Credits = 3
Studies traditions, cultures, myths, roles, and problems facing Native Americans through essay, narrative, story, oratory, poetry, film, and song. Recommended: READ 088 or higher. Formerly LIT 261.

ENGL-265: World Literature, Credits = 5
Examines some of the world's great literary traditions, both ancient and modern, featuring poetry, story, and drama. Course taken prior to fall 2010 also accepted for diversity requirement. Formerly LIT 265.

ENGL-270: Detective and Spy Literature, Credits = 5
Surveys selected thriller literature from 1840 to the present. Formerly LIT 270.

ENGL-271: Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Credits = 5
Examines science fiction and fantasy genres with an emphasis on their emergence as significant literature. Formerly LIT 271.

ENGL-277: The Bible as Literature, Credits = 5
The Literature of the Bible is a five-credit course designed to introduce both beginning and experienced readers of the Bible to the artistry of its stories and poetry. Neither a religious nor historical approach is applied towards the biblical text; instead, the Bible is approached from a literary standpoint. Formerly LIT 277.