EDUC-106: Tutor Training, Credits = 1
Provides training in the fundamental skills useful to peer tutors of mathematics, science and writing. Through lectures, class discussions, and activities; students will be introduced to the academic and personal skills that characterize effective tutors. Course will meet for one hour per week.

EDUC-111: Teaching and Learning Lab, Credits = 1 - 3
Designed for future teachers and those pursing a degree in education related field. Students will volunteer in a school setting to satisfy entry requirements of Teacher Education Program at four-year institutions. Students must volunteer 30 hours per credit. Prerequisite: EDUC& 202 or instructor permission. Recommended: READ 088.

EDUC-297: Special Projects, Credits = 1 - 10
Project-oriented experiences in the area or applications not covered in the standard education paraprofessional curriculum. Prerequisite: Instructor permission, based on evaluation of student's education and work experience.

EDUC-299: Special Topics, Credits = 1
Encourage students to develop awareness of their leadership potential and abilities through small group discussions and assumption of leadership roles and responsibilities. Students will acquire information, experience diverse points of view, construct knowledge and practice a variety of interpersonal and social skills, such as communicating, goal-setting, decision-making, team-building, and managing stress.