Communication Studies

CMST-102: Interpersonal Communication, Credits = 3
Theory and practice of interpersonal communication; understanding self and others while working to improve effective communication in one-on-one interactions. Formerly SPCH 102.

CMST-119: Digital Media Journalism, Credits = 5.0
Introduces students to the skills and values of traditional journalism and provide a foundation for using digital tools and formats for gathering, organizing and presenting news in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Possible new forms of journalism and public affairs communication supported by user-generated content, peer-to-peer interactivity, multimedia storytelling, and narrative data will be explored.

CMST-201: Intercultural Communication, Credits = 5
Theory and practice of intercultural communication; understanding culture and cultural differences, both internationally and domestically, while working to develop the skills necessary to improve effective communication and relationships across cultures. Course taken prior to fall 2010 also accepted for diversity requirement. Formerly SPCH 201.

CMST-230: Digital Communications, Credits = 5
Discusses how new digital tools help ordinary people share their own identities in compelling and emotionally engaging forms. Critical look at the digital landscape mediating how we communicate with one another including the effects of social networking and 24/7/365 online existences and the personal and societal impacts of this new paradigm. Students will both design and build an online identity and narrate their process throughout the quarter, utilizing and comparing different platforms of digital communication. They will openly interact with one another and the world beyond as a necessary part of the course. Prerequisite: ENGL 087. Recommended: Basic level of comfort with computers and the Internet. This course does not meet the [C] Communications requirement distribution area.