Criminal Justice

CJ-105: Introduction to Corrections, Credits = 5
Review of the corrections field, tracing early American penal systems and philosophy to present day correctional programs. Emphasis on our contemporary penal system, incarceration, classification, various forms of release, and community-based correctional programs. Recommended: READ 088.

CJ-202: Crime and Delinquency, Credits = 5
The development of criminal justice responses to formal handling of juveniles. Examination of the legal status of juvenile offenders and other related special conditions involving juveniles in crime and delinquency. Recommended: READ 088.

CJ-204: Constitutional Law, Credits = 5
Study of the Constitution of the United States and its provisions and amendments. Topics include various decisions of the Court involving constitutional application of due process relating to arrests, searches, seizures, confessions, and prisoner rights. Recommended: READ 088 or higher.

CJ-205: Principles of Investigation and Evidence, Credits = 5
Survey of fundamental techniques as they apply to specific criminal investigations. Examines the basic principles of the law of criminal evidence with emphasis on the role of the investigator in collecting, preserving, and introducing evidence in court. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: CJ& 101. Recommended: READ 088.