Business Administration

Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Business Administration
The Business Administration curriculum is designed for students who wish to gain the technology and skills necessary for employment and advancement in the business management environment in a variety of industries including: health, legal, computer support and information technology. Students will be prepared to own their own business or work in a leadership role within an existing company.

Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Business and Management
This technical degree provides the skills necessary for employment and preparation for advancement in the business management environment.

Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences in Hospitality & Tourism Management
Hospitality and Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary field of study preparing students for a career in hospitality and tourism management positions across many industries. It draws upon a wide range of basic disciplines to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills that are required to fulfill the diverse demands placed upon individuals in management positions within the hospitality industry. Course work includes: hotels, motels, restaurants, tourism, gaming, tradeshows, conventions, recreation, food service, and the culinary arts.

Associate in Business - DTA
This transfer agreement ensures that a student who completes an Associate in Business - DTA degree will have satisfied the lower division general education (or core) requirements and lower division business requirements at the Washington public baccalaureate institutions, subject to the provisos listed in the ICRC Handbook. Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0. Please note that admission for many business schools is competitive, and higher GPAs and course grades are often required. It is strongly recommended that students contact the baccalaureate-granting Business School early in their Associate in Business-DTA degree to be advised about additional requirements (i.e. GPA) and procedures for admission.

Business and Management Certificate

Integrated Entrepreneurial Certificate
This two quarter certificate program will prepare those students who aspire to have business success to learn about the practical aspects of starting and running a company. This program teaches the entrepreneurial skills for individuals to create their own opportunities and build real-world relationships with the business community.