Energy - Plant Operations

    Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Plant Operations
    This technical degree prepares students for careers in a variety of fields, including: Utilities, Pulp and Paper, Industrial Maintenance, Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment, Agriculture and Forestry, Food Processors, Bioproducts, Solid Waste Management/Waste to Energy, Engineering Contractors, and Public Works.
    Biomass Feedstock Management Certificate
    This full Certificate is geared for students in the WWCC Plant and Soil Science and Precision Agriculture programs. 75% of the courses required for this Certificate meet a portion of the requirements for the AAAS degrees in Plant and Soil Science and/or Precision Agriculture. This Certificate will enable graduates to get a foothold in the emerging feedstock side of the Bioproducts industry, as well as established industries, including Pulp and Paper and Agriculture/Forestry Products Processors.
    Bioproducts Short Certificate
    Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits through WWCC towards this Short Certificate. This program is geared towards incumbent workers who are interested in taking Plant Operations courses part-time for continuing education credits and/or students at collaborating institutions such as Bellingham Technical College. (NOTE: It is ok for students from collaborating institutions to complete five (5) credits, towards the 20 minimum required, at their home community or technical college).
    Plant Operations Certificate
    The Plant Operations Certificate is the first 49 credits of core and supporting courses for the AAAS in Plant Operations. It does not include the Cooperative Work Experience or Seminar. This pathway is meant for those getting their AS or AAAS in another subject who want an introduction and added understanding concerning the Bioenergy/Chemical Processing industries.