Accounting Technology

ACCT-115: Integrated Computer Applications for Accounting, Credits = 5
Computerized accounting systems, emphasizing various elements of an integrated general ledger package will be discussed. Special attention to hands-on operation of related accounting software packages. Prerequisites: CS 110 and ACCT& 201.

ACCT-175: Payroll Accounting, Credits = 5
Provides an understanding of payroll records and numerous laws that affect operation of a payroll system. Prerequisite: ACCT& 201 or OT 161.

ACCT-199: Special Topics, Credits = 1 - 5
Study and train to meet established local needs in the accounting industry, supplemental to courses currently offered. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

ACCT-204: Intermediate Accounting I, Credits = 5
Addresses financial accounting principles and practices, including study of the theory and principles underlying presentation and interpretation of working capital, investments, long-term liabilities, and stockholders' equity. Prerequisite: ACCT& 202.

ACCT-205: Intermediate Accounting II, Credits = 5
Continuance of ACCT 204, Intermediate Accounting I. Topics include study of long-term assets and liabilities, matching principle as it relates to the Income Statement and Income Recognition. Prerequisite: ACCT 204.

ACCT-209: Cost Accounting, Credits = 5
In-depth understanding of cost accounting systems and application of differential cost for decision-making. Also develops background for using budgets. Prerequisite: ACCT& 202.

ACCT-210: Principles of Accounting I for Entrepreneurs, Credits = 5
Addresses the fundamentals of accounting theory and practice, including: study of the accounting cycle, use of special journals, and use of accounting in management decisions. Students will be in a cohort group and course will be tightly integrated with other Entrepreneurial course work required for the certificate. Equivalent to ACCT 201. Student cannot receive credit for both ACCT 201 and ACCT 210. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

ACCT-216: Principles of Income Tax, Credits = 5
Reviews the federal tax structure and ability to apply tax principles to specific problems. Prerequisite: ACCT& 202 or instructor permission.

ACCT-297: Special Projects, Credits = 1 - 5
Project-oriented experiences in the area or applications not covered in the standard accounting curriculum. Prerequisite: Instructor permission, based on evaluation of student's education and work experience.