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The Outdoor Power Equipment Technician Program provides intensive career preparation through interactive web-based classroom instruction with live shop, hands-on application either on-campus or off-campus, with the off-campus students learning in on-the-job environments. The program is certified by the national Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC) and is led by an EETC certified instructor. Students prepare technical knowledge and mechanical skills necessary to service, troubleshoot and repair today's sophisticated recreational, residential and commercial outdoor power equipment using the competencies and national testing provided by the EETC. Training materials and equipment are provided through cooperative agreements with regional dealerships, national manufacturers, and the local community. Curriculum is reviewed by the Outdoor Power and Turf Equipment Technician advisory board which is composed of local and regional industry members.

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Walla Walla Campus
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362

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The Outdoor Power Equipment program is dedicated to improving the skills of both novice and experienced technicians through increased fundamental and technical knowledge while learning in a shop environment with hands-on repair of consumer, commercial and recreational equipment.

Program Outcomes

  • Implement competency-based education and skill standards.
  • Provide students with marketable, technical and interpersonal skills in the trade resulting in career placement.
  • Prepare students in acquiring appropriate licenses, certifications and degrees upon exiting Walla Walla Community College.
  • Provide relevant training through hands-on and field experience to prepare the students for living wage jobs.
  • Develop analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities through instructional labs, projects and testing.
  • Provide training in environmental and workplace safety that meets appropriate industry standards.
  • Develop partnerships and/or relationships with manufacturers and distributors to provide a place to upgrade professional technicians along with updated skill standards.

Degree Options

After completion of four college quarters, students may receive a Certificate as an Outdoor Power Equipment Technician.

Two additional quarters can lead to an AAAS degree as an Outdoor Power and Turf Equipment technician.

After completing any one of the seven core classes and passing its corresponding test a student will receive an EETC certification certificate and a set of arm patches from the EETC.


The Outdoor Power and Turf Equipment Technician program is certified by the Equipment and Engine Training Council, a national organization composed of power equipment manufactures, allied businesses, and educational institutions. As such, the program features up-to-date curriculum, equipment and facilities, plus certified instructors.