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The WWCC Energy Systems Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration is a nationally accredited program that provides the students with an entry level understanding of construction workplace safety, basic DC & AC electrical theory, basics of physics and refrigeration theory, tools, mechanical components, environmental green technology, AC electrical application, controls, electrical motors and maintenance, programmable logic controls, direct digital controls, electronics, national electrical code and mechanical code, heating systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration for the residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Courses are offered in lecture, demonstration, lab, internship and web enhanced formats.



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Walla Walla Campus
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362

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The Energy Systems Technology - Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) Training program at Walla Walla Community College offers technical education for students who are eager to be involved in a growing and sustainable industry that affects every aspect of our lives. Students will be trained in theory and application to enter the workforce as an entry level HVACR technician. The program will provide students with a good electrical and mechanical foundation, as well as deliver an awareness of energy conservation and environmental responsibility that will allow the graduate to work safely in residential, commercial, and industrial HVACR work environments.

Program Outcomes

  • Provide students with marketable technical and interpersonal skills for the HVACR trade, resulting in career placement, with potential for advancement.
  • Provide environmental and work place safety training that meets appropriate industry local, regional and federal standards.
  • Provide relevant HVACR training through hands-on and field experience to prepare the students for an entry level position into technical industry.
  • Perform system measurements and calculations in superheat, subcooling, capacities, flow, pressures, temperatures, level, and calibration.
  • Perform recovery, evacuation, charging and refrigerant and oil management in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps.
  • Develop students' analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities through interactive media troubleshooting, instructional lectures, hands-on labs and assigned project completion to diagnose electrical and mechanical HVACR systems.
  • Assess student preparedness through online, verbal, written, lab tests, and National Certification Exams.
  • Develop the skill working iwth technical tools and instruments, and work with diagrams and complex instructions and procedures used in the HVACR field.
  • Acquire appropriate licenses, certificates, and degrees upon exiting Walla Walla Community College.

Degree Options

Students may earn an Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree Energy Systems Technology - HVACR upon completion of the two year program of study. An Refrigeration Energy - HVACR Certificate is also available upon commpletion of the first year of the program.


  • Washington State LNI-Electrical Trainee Card, 1419 hours 06A with AAAS Degree
  • OHSA-10 Construction Safety Certification*
  • Industrial First Aid-CPR-AED Certification*
  • EPA-608 Refrigerant Handler Technician Certification*
  • Electrical Employment Ready (ER) Certification*
  • Air Conditioning ER Certification*
  • Systems Performance**
  • Electric Heat ER Certification**
  • Gas Heat ER Certification***
  • Heat Pump ER Certification***
  • Oil Heat ER Certification***
  • Commercial Refrigeration ER Certification**
  • TracPipe Certification
  • * Required for One Year Certification

    ** Required for AAAS Degree

    *** Only completion of one of these is required for AAAS Degree