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English courses at WWCC help students better understand and appreciate the English language. Courses in English assist students in presenting their thoughts in an organized manner and improve their decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking. College level courses specifically focus on the development of structural and stylistic writing skills with concentration on a variety of essay techniques and on writing an academic research paper. WWCC offers a full spectrum of English courses that prepare students for college level courses, including vocabulary development, grammar, spelling, and fundamentals in writing sentences and paragraphs.



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Walla Walla Campus
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362

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The Humanities Division seeks to enrich students' lives through exploration of the diversity of human expressions and cultures as well as to build a foundation for life-long learning - including successful future academic achievement - through writing, literature, language arts and philosophy.

Program Outcomes

  • An aesthetic and intellectual comprehension of culturally and linguistically diverse works in literature, philosophy, and visual and performing arts, including film and music.
  • An understanding and working knowledge of terminology commonly used in the humanities.
  • An appropriate level of creativity, discipline, and technique in the production of assigned work in the humanities.

Degree Options

Students may earn an Associate in Arts AA-DTA degree (90 credits) which is designed for students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate institution with junior standing. Students pursuing this degree should meet with an academic advisor at WWCC and an advisor at their intended baccalaureate institution to determine an appropriate educational plan. (See AA-DTA in Degrees section of catalog).

Preparation for Success

In order to succeed in English writing courses, students should take the course recommended by their writing assessment, available in the Student Development Center. Taking the proper course is very important, since writing is best learned in sequence, from the properly composed sentence to the well-researched essay and the imaginative, and structurally sound creative piece. Word-processing skills are essential to the successful English major.