Walla Walla Campus Testing Center

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The Testing Center is located in the Main Campus building Room 236.  We provide professional monitoring and administration of standardized placement, GED, CLEP, Distance, and Classroom exams.

All students are required to bring Photo ID (government issued photo ID for GED testing) to the Testing Center to check in for all exams.

Personal belongings will be stored prior to testing and certain items are NOT permitted in the testing rooms (i.e. cell phones, personal listening devices, food and/or drinks).

*Students requesting testing accommodations please click here for more information. Testing accommodations must be approved through our Disabilities Coordinator prior to scheduling.


Walla Walla Community College offers the COMPASS placement exam. The COMPASS exam is designed to match your current Math, Reading, and Writing skills to appropriate WWCC courses. As for cost:

  • For new students, there is no fee to take the COMPASS placement test.
  • Retakes are $10 and must be approved by a Testing Center staff member.
  • Non-WWCC students who are testing for another college will be charged a $10 testing fee.



Exam Preparation

  • Study guides are available through ACT online. CLICK HERE to access sample practice packets
  • Come to the test well-rested and relaxed to improve your concentration
  • Contact our testing staff if you need more ideas or have any questions at 509.527.4267 or [email protected]

Taking the exam

  • Apply online for admission 24-48 hours prior to testing.
  • Bring photo ID AND your WWCC student identification number.
  • The test is not timed and may take up to 3 hours to complete.
  • Your Results process immediately upon completion of the exam. 
  • If you wish to challenge or retake your placement exam results, please contact the Testing Center to discuss your options (509.527.4267).
  • If you require accommodations for the placement exam due to a disability, contact Claudia Angus, Disabilities Coordinator, at 527-4262, prior to placement testing.

Placement Exam Schedule

Placement Testing Schedule: 

  • Click here to view our Summer Quarter Schedule, June 14th-July 28th and August 10th-Septemer 1st.
  • Click here to view our Spring Quarter Schedule, March 31 - June 3rd.
  • Please bring a photo ID and your WWCC student identification number.

Running Start Placement Exams

  • Apply for admission at least 24-48 hours prior to testing.
  • Bring photo ID AND your WWCC student identification number to sign up.
  • Inform the testing staff upon signing up that you are a Running Start candidate.
  • “Next steps” information will be provided upon completion of your exam.

Alternative Education Programs (AEP)

  • Apply for admission at least 24-48 hours prior to testing.
  • Bring photo ID AND your WWCC student identification number to sign up.
  • Inform the testing staff upon signing up that you are an AEP candidate.
  • “Next steps” information will be provided upon completion of your exam.

Placement Testing for Other Colleges

  • Bring government issued photo ID AND your social security number to sign up
  • When you sign in inform the testing staff that you will be testing for another college.
  • All students who take the placement exam for another college will be charged a $10 testing fee.
  • You will receive a copy of your results, and with your consent, our testing staff will fax your results to the institution of your choosing.

Placement Testing Off Campus

If you are not able to come to our testing center, we offer remote testing services at most locations. PDF Click here for a list of colleges around the Washington State area who have testing centers along with their contact information. Contact the Testing Center at 509.527.4267 or email us at [email protected] for more information about remote testing for Walla Walla Community College or to schedule a remote exam.

If you have completed a placement test at any Washington State Community and Technical College and would like to have those scores interpreted for placement at WWCC, please review and complete this Placement Score Evaluation.  Send your Placement Score Evaluation to the Testing Center at [email protected] or fax it to 509.524.4795.  

Placement Interpretation Guides

For Advisors:

Click PDF Here for the grid form.

Click PDF Here for the flowchart. 

TEAS Testing

About the TEAS V Test

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) is 170 questions, 209 minute, proctored exam that measures basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage.

*For WWCC Nursing Students: Applicants are required to complete the ATI TEAS V exam online in the WWCC Testing Center (or other approved ATI TEAS V testing site). A hard copy of the applicant's TEAS V results must be stapled to the complete Nursing Program Application for submission.

  • Reading Assessment: includes paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions
  • Mathematics assessment: includes basic math problems, metric conversion, word problems, fractions and decimals, algebraic equations, percentages, and ratio/proportion. You may not use a calculator for the mathematics section.
  • Science assessment: includes science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, basic physical principles, and general science.
  • English and Language Usage assessment: includes knowledge of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words, and spelling.

Taking the TEAS V Test

Things to know before arriving for TEAS V Test -

  • Individuals must arrive on-time
  • Individuals must present a government issued photo ID and their ATI username and password
  • Test length is four hours
  • Calculators, cell phones, or any other electronic communication devices are NOT allowed
  • All personal belongings must be secured prior to testing (lockers are provided at the Testing Center)
  • Scratch paper and pencils will be provided by the Testing Center
  • Study Manuals or ATI Online Practice TEAS testing is available for purchase in the ATI Online Store.

Scheduling a TEAS V Test

When: Every Wednesday at 1:30 PM starting January 6th through until April 13th (there will not be TEAS testing available on March 16th due to finals week).

How: To schedule, go to www.atitesting.com to create an account. For specific instructions PDF click here and look under "How to register for the TEAS V test at Walla Walla Community College".

Cost: There is a testing fee of $65.00 required to finish registration which will be paid online.


Credit by exam is possible in selected courses if the student has prior educational experience that parallels the skills or knowledge required to complete the course. A maximum of 25% of the credits needed for degree or certificate completion may be earned through credit by examination. Students who are planning to transfer should inquire about the credit by exam policy at their receiving institution.


A College-Level Examination Program® overview

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) helps students earn credit for what they already know through general academic instructions, significant independent study, or extracurricular work. By receiving a satisfactory score on a CLEP exam, students can earn credits required for their degree program at Walla Walla Community College (institutional credit awarding policies due vary, therefore, transfer students should check on the number of CLEP credits accepted by their receiving institution).

For more information, go to clep.collegeboard.org

Taking CLEP Exams

Exam information

  • CLEP examinations cover material taught in courses that most students take as requirements in the first two years of college.
  • Many examinations are designed to correspond to one-semester courses, although some correspond to full-year or two-year courses.
  • Faculty at individual colleges review the exams to ensure that they cover the material currently taught in their courses. See a list of the tests by subject.
  • Most questions are multiple choice. Other types of questions require students to fill in a numeric answer, to shade areas of an object, or to put items in the correct order. Some of the exams also include optional essays. Language exams include a listening section.

WWCC Credit Awarding for CLEP


**Credits granted when scores exceed ACE Credit Recommendation**

30 January 2012

Exam Title

Credit Awarded

Courses Awarded


15 credits






5 credits




10 credits





15 credits

50 = 5 credits; 63 = 10 credits; 70 = 15 credits 






15 credits





Principles of Mang.

5 credits

Business Admin.


US History

15 credits





World History OR Western Civilization

15 credits





Financial Accounting

10 credits





Human Growth & Dev.

5 credits

Lifespan Psy&



College Composition

5 credits

English Comp.&



Advance Placement (AP) Exams

AP Examinations represent the culmination of college-level work in a given discipline in a secondary school setting. The Advanced Placement or AP Exams encompass a variety of subject areas. Students are encouraged to attend classes focused on preparation for the AP exams. Home-schooled students and students attending schools not offering AP classes can participate. Successful completion of an AP exam can result in the earning of college credits.

Credit Awarding
  • In order to be granted credit at Walla Walla Community College, the AP exam must be successfully completed. 
  • Official AP transcripts are obtained from the Education Testing Service or the student's high school and must be sent to the Coordinator of Testing. 
  • The student must review and recieve recommendations from the Office of Admissions and Records for credits awarding. 
  • AP credits will be entered on a WWCC transcript after student has completed at least one quarter at Walla Walla Community College. 
  • Click this link to view Washington State Public Baccalaureate credit acceptance policies for AP Washington State

WWCC Credit Awarding for AP


*updated June 6, 2016


The GED is a series of four exams (Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Math) designed to provide evidence of general educational competence equivalent to the minimum level required for a graduating high school senior.

Eligibility for taking exams

  • You must not have graduated nor be currently enrolled in an accredited high school program in the United States or Canada.
  • You must be at least 19 years old OR if you are 16 - 18 years old as of today, you must submit the required "Request for Approval to Test" form signed by a designated school administrator from a school district in Washington State. To obtain the form, you will need to physically come to the Testing Center. 
  • You must be a resident of the State of Washington.

Exam Preparation

  • Enroll in GED preparation classes - cost is $25 per quarter for more information click here. These classes are not required to take the GED. 
    • To take the classes, You will need to take the CASAS assessment for classroom preparation. CASAS testing is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (8:20 am or 12:50 pm) in room 203
    • For more information on the CASAS assessment click here or contact Transitional Studies (509) 524-4808.
  • Visit GED Testing Centers National Web site for ideas and information: GED.COM
  • Online resources are also available at: www.sbctc.eduwww.gedonline.org, www.4tests.com, www.testprepreview.com.

Exam Fees

  • Each GED test or retake costs $30 
  • Payments are received online at the time you schedule your appointment

Taking the Exam

  • Testing is by APPOINTMENT ONLY please register at GED.COM or call 1.877.392.6433
  • You are required to bring government issued photo identification (e.g., state driver's license, state ID card, or passport)
  • You will also need to show that you are a current resident of the State of Washington. This can be shown through a valid Washington Driver's license or by bringing a current utilities bill with your Washington address.
  • The TI-30XS calculator is the ONLY calculator that can be used on the Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics Part 2 exams ONLY. You can bring your own TI-30SX calculator, which will be inspected upon arrival. We also have a limited amount of TI-30XS calculators available within the Testing Center. There is an imbedded calculator within the test and therefore a physical calculator is not required. 
  • Si Ud. quiere tomar los exámenes en español, llame al 1.877.392.6433, para más información.

Exam Schedules

Testing is by APPOINTMENT ONLY please schedule your appointment at  GED.COM or call 1.877.392.6433



Students with Disabilities

Please visit GED.com to get information for accommodations requests due to a disability.



Downloadable Forms


The Testing Center provides exam proctoring services for both on and off campus students, distance learning exams, and make-up exams. 

During our Open Lab Hours, students are welcome to drop in for testing but are encouraged to make an appointment to ensure that their test is ready for them. PDF Click here for our Open Lab Schedule for Spring Quarter March 30th - June 10th 2016. From June 13-17, testing will be by appointment only. Contact the Testing Center to make an appointment by calling 509.527.4267 or email [email protected] 

*For Motorcycle testing, click the following link to register:  Motorcycle Knowledge Testing. Registration and payments for the knowledge test must be completed prior to scheduling your appointment with the Testing Center. You will be charged an $11 testing fee if you do not have a WWCC Student Identification Number. 


All students are required to check in at the Testing Center located in Room 236 in the Main Campus building. A valid Student ID card or Driver’s License must be presented at the testing counter upon check-in. Certain items are not permitted in the testing rooms and will be stored prior to testing.

Before you Test

  • Remember to bring your exam materials - if required by instructor (scantron sheet, calculator etc)
  • All personal belongings will be stored prior to testing including but not limited to; backpacks, cell phones, books, study aids, and listening devices.
  • Food and/or beverages are not allowed in the testing rooms.
  • You may come in anytime during open lab hours with or without an appointment.
  • PLEASE ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME TO COMPLETE YOUR EXAM. You will not be permitted to begin your exam if the total exam time allowed extends beyond open lab hours.
  • If you need to make other arrangements please contact your Faculty member.
  • Appointments are encouraged but are not required.

Non-WWCC Students

  • All NON-WWCC students must pay an $11.00 testing fee.
  • Payments must be made prior to testing.
  • Testing fees can be paid at the Business Services Office during regular hours.
  • After business hours testing fees can be paid with Testing Staff in exact change or with a check.

Current Testing Schedule:

PDF Click here for our Open Lab Schedule for Spring Quarter, March 30th - June 10th  2016. From June 13-17, testing will be by appointment only. Contact the Testing Center to make an appointment by calling 509.527.4267 or email [email protected]   


The testing center provides testing services to faculty to assist with out-of-classroom testing and testing for students with accommodations. ALL students are required to make an appointment to test.

Using the Testing Center:

Accurate test administration depends in part on you. Please submit your exam with an exam coversheet. You will need to complete the top half of the cover sheet.

Testing Center Contact Information Walla Walla Campus

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Our Office hours are:

*Appointments for TESTING may be scheduled outside of these times including evening hours Tuesday-Thursday.

Our contact information:

  • Monday 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM & 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Phone: 509.527.4267

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 509.524.4795


Walla Walla Community College

Attn: Testing Center

500 Tausick Way

Walla Walla, WA 99362