How much time does a distance learning course require?
Students taking distance learning courses should expect to spend up to three hours a week per credit working on a course. (For a five credit course, you should plan to spend 12-15 hours a week working on the course.) Distance learning does not take less time - it takes more. The advantage is being able to work when it is convenient for you. Distance learning is not self-paced; you will have due dates and deadlines for assignments and tests.

What kind of computer skills do I need for an online course?
You should be comfortable performing basic computer tasks: word processing, sending and receiving email with attachments, file management and using a web browser. You need to be confident enough to participate in a threaded discussion on a discussion board.

How do I take tests?
If you need to have a test proctored outside the area, it is your responsibility to locate a suitable proctor and location. Once you have found a place to take your exam, you need to give the contact information to your instructor so your instructor can send, fax or email the exam to the proctor. The proctor will then send, or fax, the completed test to the instructor.

Where do I take tests?
If your course has exams that can’t be taken online, it is your instructor’s responsibility to make sure that both the Walla Walla testing center and the Clarkston library have the exams ready for you. The Walla Walla campus has a testing center located in room 287. There is no appointment necessary, but please call the testing lab at 509-527-4680 to check on hours of operation, or check our web site. Clarkston students can take their exams in the Clarkston library.

Do I need a computer?
If you are taking a telecourse, a computer is not required. If you are taking any online course, you will need to have access to one. Students can always use the computers in the library or the computer lab.

Do I need email?
You do need email if you are taking an online class. If you do not have an email account at home, you will have one here at WWCC. All students that are enrolled in at least one course have an active Walla Walla Community College email account which is accessible from anywhere. If you need more information on how to access your email account, click on the link in the side bar to the left. If you have a different email address you prefer to use, please make sure you share it with your instructor.

What do I do if I don’t hear from my instructor?
Unfortunately, communication between students and instructors can be frustrating. I think that 1-2 days is the average, so don’t wait until the last minute to seek clarification of instructions. If you do not hear from your instructor in a reasonable period of time call the Distance Learning Department for assistance.

How do I know what textbooks I need for my courses?
Textbooks for distance learning courses are located in the WWCC campus bookstore. If you are out of the area, you can view the textbooks required for WAOL courses by clicking on the WAOL textbook link in the sidebar to the left. Call the WWCC bookstore at 509-527-4255 if you need to have texts mailed to you.



How do I register for an online course?
You can call the toll free number to register over the phone, or mail in your registration, or come out in person. Returning students can register online once they have been issued their quarterly PIN. The toll free number for admissions is 1-877-471-9292.



Do Distance Learning courses quality for financial aid?
Yes. All academic and professional-technical distance learning courses are covered by financial aid.

How do I verity my attendance for financial aid?

To verify your attendance in your distance learning course you will need to have your instructor send an email to with your name, SID and course. If you need additional assistance contact the distance learning department.