Study English Online

We are available in Lab 112 Monday - Friday.  We will help you study English, prepare for the GED, and learn computer skills.

La Profesora Esta disponible a ayudarle a las 9:00 am hasta 3:30 pm, L-V, en Lab 112.  Aprenda Ingles, computacion, o preperarse para los examines del GED.

English Lessons and Web Sites

  • Google                                      Translator - Listen to words in English
  • Spelling City -                             pronunciation, spelling and games         
  • Lessons at Pumarosa  -                sonido en español y ingles
  • Grammar Lessons and Videos 
  • EnVid Videos
  • ELLLO -                                      Videos and Activities
  • Language Guide  -                       vocabulary
  • Learning Edge   -                         prepare for a job and interview
  • U.S.A. Learns    -                        English videos and classes
  • Free Rice -                                 advanced vocabulary
  • Learning Chocolate -                    vocabulary
  • EFL Star        -                            grammar videos 


Web Sites by Category

Music in English - Look for a song you like -  YouTube -   Print the Words

Pronunciation -  Listen and Speak 

Reading -            Listen, read and write 

Videos -              Watch and Learn

Grammar -          Grammar Exercises

Writing -             Writing and Grammar

Spelling -            Spelling Practice

Jokes    -              Laugh and Learn English



Testing  -  Test Preparation

  • GED