Thursday 04. of December 2014 WWCC DOC Debate Project Finalist for National Award

Gainesville, FL. The Community College Futures Assembly announced ten outstanding community college programs (each from the usual three categories) as the Finalists to compete for the 2015 Bellwether Awards. The Assembly had...

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Thursday 04. of December 2014 Bobbi Hazeltine--Community Service Award Recipient for 2014

Congratulations to our very own Bobbi Hazeltine, the Walla Walla Community College Community Service Award recipient for 2014.  At the 132nd annual chamber banquet last night, Walla Walla Community College recognized Bobbi...

Category: What's Happening

Friday 26. of September 2014 Walla Walla Community College Clarkston to Build Workforce and Business Development Center

The United States Economic Development Administration has approved a Financial Assistance Award in the amount of $2.35 million to fund the construction of a Workforce and Business Development Center at the Walla Walla Community...

Category: What's Happening

Tuesday 16. of September 2014 Chad Miltenberger to be inducted into NAIA Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Chad Miltenberger, Assistant Director of WWCC Clarkston Campus, on his upcoming induction into the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame!


Category: What's Happening

Friday 04. of April 2014 Real Hope Act-WASFA Application Available

The Washington Application for State Financial Aid, or the WASFA, is now available for undocumented students to apply for State Need Grant funds. The application can be accessed on, and students should...

Category: What's Happening

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